There would be “panic in the streets” if Christian parents in California decided that a state-mandated pro-homosexual environment no longer is for their children and took up homeschooling, one leader in education says.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

“It would be a wakeup call, heard around the country or perhaps the world,” Charles B. Lowers, the executive director of the pro-family Considering Homeschool organization told WorldNetDaily.

His comments came just a day after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill requiring even Christian colleges where students receive state grants to condone homosexuality, transsexuality and bisexuality.

Lowers said that should be over the top for any parent but especially Christian parents, who should pull their children from public school systems.

“‘Heck no, our kids won’t go!’ should be the rallying cry of Christian parents this week as school starts, instead of following the broad road of perversion and destruction that California schools are offering,” Lowers said.

Lowers said while Christians need to contact their representatives and the governor regarding that bill – and others that are pending in a legislature he describes as “sold-out” to the leftist, liberal agenda – the newest mandate from the state “should be the last straw.”

“It is estimated that anywhere from 80-90 percent of Christians are still sending their children off to government schools – it’s like the church is behaving like a bunch of lemmings,” Lowers said.

“Worldview surveys show that the majority of kids from Christian homes are humanist by graduation,” he said. “School-based ‘clinics’ are expanding … to ensure that your daughters get birth control and abortions without you knowing. Now that the homosexuals are dictating curriculum, 80-90 percent of Christians should be homeschooling, not the other way around,” he said.

“Public school is no place for innocent little kids. If they don’t get molested by the John Karrs who are in the system, their minds and hearts will be molested by the curriculum,” he said.

“Instead of the traditional three R’s in California’s public schools, children are learning Rebelliousness, Relativism, and an R-rated lifestyle,” he said.

Considering Homeschooling was started by Lowers and his wife in 2001, and it seeks to reach Christian parents with encouragement for their homeschooling ideas and guidance toward that activity.

“What our focus is, we are reaching out and recruiting Christian parents, especially Christian parents of very young children, babies, toddlers, preschoolers. They have the most to lose by sending their children to state schools,” Lowers said.

“The educational establishment in America really has pulled the wool over most parents’ eyes. Almost every parent teaches their child to speak English or whatever is their primary language. They’ve done the bulk of the teaching of the basics. But the establishment has put this aura around education and (says) only certified teachers should be teaching. Those teachers are less qualified than you to teach your children. You know them,” he said.

He said in California, the public schools are controlled “by a group of elitist, leftist, homosexual socialists.”

“Their agenda should not be the same agenda as Christian parents. We have really been putting it on the line here, saying to all Christians, ‘How could you in good conscience, knowing what you know, now send your children to public school?'” he said.

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooling may be the fastest-growing form of education in the U.S., with growth rates of 7-12 percent per year. Estimates show there are about 2.5 million home-schooled children in the United States.

That saves taxpayers roughly $16 billion annually, studies say, while at the same time those students generally perform better on standardized tests and go to college at a higher rate than those from public schools.

Significantly for Christian parents, studies show that among homeschooled students, 94 believe in Jesus when they graduate, but only 15 percent from public schools do.

The NHERI noted that a survey of adults who were homeschooled showed 72 percent participating in ongoing community service such as coaching a sports team or volunteering at a school. The comparison for other U.S. adults was 39 percent.

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