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With the “hearts and minds” of 6.5 million schoolchildren on the line, a pro-family group has called a news conference today to protest a series of bills approved by the Legislature that would turn the California public school system into “sexual indoctrination centers.”

The event is being held by the Campaign for Children and Families, which has been active in lobbying against the changes in state law, at the state Capitol in Sacramento.

“The simple message for (Gov. Arnold) Schwarzenegger will be: Veto these bad bills or turn off family-values voters,” the group said in its announcement Monday.

“(The bills) will turn California schools into sexual indoctrination centers that mess with children’s minds behind their parent’s backs,” said CCRF President Randy Thomasson.

“Governor, unless you veto these bad bills, the people will veto you,” he said.

Among the speakers will be Thomasson, Robla school board President Craig DeLuz, Pastor Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center, Pastor Adam Bondaruk of Bethany Slavic Missionary Church, Pastor Peter Park of Living Stone Community Church, and CCF Latino spokesman Luis Galdamez.

The bills would force California public schools to change curricula (SB1437) and policies (AB606) to promote transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten without their parents’ permission.

AB1056 also would spend $250,000 to turn 10 schools into “sexual indoctrination centers,” officials said.

The governor already has signed one bill that will require private schools including Christian colleges and others to promote homosexuality if any of their students receive state grants.

Full information on the bills is at

Charles B. Lowers, of Considering Homeschool earlier told WorldNetDaily in an interview that what should happen is that Christian parents would just start homeschooling.

There would be “panic in the streets,” he said.

“Instead of the traditional three R’s in California’s public schools, children are learning Rebelliousness, Relativism, and an R-rated lifestyle,” he said.

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