One of the most talked-about books of the last year, David Kupelian’s “The Marketing of Evil,” is being featured throughout September on the nationally broadcast television program of D. James Kennedy, “The Coral Ridge Hour.”

Kennedy is pastor of the 10,000-member “Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church” in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. One of the most widely known and respected Christian ministers in the nation, Kennedy launched his weekly one-hour television show in 1978, which now airs on more than 600 stations, four cable networks, and to 145 nations and 125 ships at sea on the Armed Forces Network.

Calling “The Marketing of Evil” a “powerful new book that I wish every Christian in America could read,” Kennedy has taken the dramatic step of offering to send a special paperback edition of Kupelian’s bestseller to everyone who donates to Coral Ridge Ministries between Sept. 10 and Oct. 8.

“The Coral Ridge Hour” is broadcast nationally every Saturday night and again Sunday morning (check local listings for air times) on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as syndicated on various other networks.

Available to 81 percent of the nation’s television households, “The Coral Ridge Hour” has the greatest number of TV station affiliates of any religious program in the U.S.

During this weekend’s (Sept. 9 and 10) show, Kennedy will launch the month-long “Marketing of Evil” campaign at the end of the program, following an interview with two 9-11 survivors.

Then, on the following three weekend broadcasts, Kupelian will be interviewed on the show by Coral Ridge Ministries Senior Producer Jerry Newcombe. The Sept. 16-17 program will focus on multiculturalism, the Sept. 23-24 show on the assault on marriage, and the Sept. 30-Oct. 1 program will focus on the marketing of homosexuality. Newcombe has coauthored several books with Kennedy, including “What’s Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage?” and most recently, “Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-and-Life View.”

In his special introduction to the ministry’s paperback edition of “The Marketing of Evil,” Kennedy wrote:

D. James Kennedy

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support of Coral Ridge Ministries. It is my pleasure to present you with this special edition of “The Marketing of Evil.”

This is a remarkable book. Here, between two covers, author David Kupelian dissects and exposes the brilliant and malign techniques employed by merchants of evil who “sell us corruption disguised as freedom.”

The effort to change America’s mind on issues like abortion, homosexuality, church-state separation, and more is not a happenstance undertaking. Instead, as Kupelian shows, it is a well-thought-out strategic campaign that uses the methods of Madison Avenue to market rank lies.

But the good news is that by God’s grace, the truth will eventually win out, and Kupelian’s important and groundbreaking book makes enormous progress toward that end. It brings into the light these works of darkness for all to see.

This is vital information to immunize you, your loved ones, and your friends to the carnival mirror distortions employed by those who market evil to America – and to equip you to counteract the lies with the truth.

I am grateful for your friendship and support for our outreach to reclaim America for Christ. Thank you for standing with me as we “market” the grace of God and the healing balm of biblical truth to this generation!

Sincerely in Christ,

D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

Since its release one year ago, “The Marketing of Evil” – subtitled “How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom” – has remained one of the nation’s hottest-selling and most controversial books.

David Kupelian

In March, Kupelian’s appearances on Fox News’ “Cavuto” and “Dayside” shows and CBN’s “700 Club,” in which he exposed the “marketing of evil” in the “gay-cowboy” film “Brokeback Mountain,” resulted in Kupelian’s being denounced by many homosexual activists.

And in April, Kupelian’s book was at the center of a national controversy when a Christian librarian at Ohio State University was formally investigated for “sexual harassment” just because he recommended the freshmen class be required to read “The Marketing of Evil.” The charges were dropped under threat of a lawsuit from the Alliance Defense Fund.

However, “The Marketing of Evil” has also inspired countless passionate reviews from readers, like these from

  • “It will affect me forever. This is perhaps the best and most freeing book I have ever read on the popular culture at large. It rings true at every level, and has changed the way I view things in the most freeing and encouraging way!! … An absolute masterpiece!!”

  • “Opening this book is like turning on the Sun. … Mr. David Kupelian has written a remarkable book that reveals how the American public has been taken down the slippery slope of moral relativism.”

  • “I finished “The Marketing of Evil” over a month ago. It absolutely changed my life.”

  • “Prepare to see your world with new eyes!”

  • “This book has put a powerful voice to many things that truth-loving people in America have felt in their spirits for a long, long time. … I like my medicine straight and my truth even straighter, and this book delivers, with no apologies or flinching. … I for one am forever changed.”

In addition to the television programs featuring Kupelian and “The Marketing of Evil,” D. James Kennedy’s 30-minute one-on-one radio interview with Kupelian will air on Sept. 18 on the ministry’s “Truths That Transform” weekly radio program, which airs on more than 700 radio facilities across America. Between the radio show’s listenership and “The Coral Ridge Hour’s” viewership, nearly 3 million people listen weekly to Coral Ridge Ministries programming.

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