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Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and his co-author of “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Border”, Jerome Corsi, are supporting Don Goldwater in his Arizona gubernatorial campaign.

The decision to support Goldwater, nephew of the late Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, is being announced today after yesterday’s announcement by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to back top opponent Len Munsil in Tuesday’s primary.

“Don Goldwater can be counted on to be with the Minutemen on the front line of securing our border,” Gilchrist told WND. “For over five years, Don Goldwater has been at the border fighting to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S. from Mexico. From the beginning, when I started The Minuteman Project in April 2005, I knew we could count on Don Goldwater to be within our ranks.”

Gilchrist points out Goldwater has name recognition as a relative of a key founder of today’s conservative movement.

Munsil is know in Arizona as the former head of the Scottsdale-based Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative group that has led the charge in Arizona to get a state ban on same-sex marriage placed on the November ballot.

Jim Gilchrist

“Senator John McCain’s support,” Corsi told WND, “is all anybody should need to know to determine that Lee Munsil is soft on border security. One look at the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill (SB 2611) makes it clear that McCain stands solidly behind a ‘guest worker’ program that is nothing more than an amnesty in disguise.”

Mike Harris and Gary Tupper are the other two candidates on the Sept.12 Republican gubernatorial primary ballot. Most experienced observers in Arizona, however, expect the race to be between Goldwater and Munsil. Both Harris and Tupper suffer from lack of name recognition and both failed to raise the 6,000 individual $5 contributions needed to qualify for state funds.

By supporting Goldwater, the Minuteman Project says it’s pledged to work for him to win the primary and to defeat Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano in the general election.

“We have confidence that Don Goldwater is serious about border security,” Gilchrist told WND.

Corsi emphasized Arizona needs a governor “who understands the importance of upholding our rule of law.”

“As we demonstrated in our book, coming across our wide open border with Mexico are criminals, gang members, and drug dealers, as well as thousands of Middle Easterners, many of whom could be terrorists,” Corsi said. “We cannot have a war on terror if we do not have a secure border with Mexico. We cannot have a secure border with Mexico if we do not have a governor in Arizona who understands the importance of establishing and maintaining border security as our number one priority.”

Gilchrist said if it “comes to a show-down with Senator John McCain, then that’s okay with us.”

“As soon as we knew Senator McCain was endorsing Munsil, we wanted Arizona to know that the Minuteman Project was pulling for Goldwater,” he said.

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