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Christian preacher injured when bus rams SUV

Preacher Andrew’s SUV after encounter with bus driven by Muslim

A Christian man whose witnessing enraged Muslims is recovering from his injuries after a bus driver rammed into his SUV, driving shards of broken glass into his arms, according to a new report from Voice of the Martyrs.

Because of death threats against the man, as well as the potential for danger to other Christians, relatives and acquaintances, many of the details of the recent attack in Bangladesh on the minister known as Andrew were being withheld by Voice of the Martyrs.

But the report said he was en route to visit a group of 17 families whose members have converted from Islam to Christianity when his vehicle was rammed by a bus.

“His left elbow was broken from the impact, and his right forearm was embedded with glass and severely lacerated in five places,” the VOM report said, so the group is working to provide continuing medical care for him.

The ministry, which was launched by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, author of “Tortured for Christ” relating his experiences representing Christ in war-torn Europe, focuses on getting help, support, and the Gospel to persecuted Christians worldwide.

The group said drivers of four buses had been hired by a militant Muslim group to crash into Andrew’s SUV, and one succeeded. Immediately after the crash, the bus driver ran from the scene and reported that he had “killed the targeted Christian preacher.”

However, while two others from the militant group were racing to the scene to confirm the fatality, Andrew’s driver drove the smashed SUV to a nearby hospital, where the unconscious Andrew was admitted.

At the hospital, doctors cleaned some of his wounds and removed some of the glass shards, but when Andrew’s brother, also a medical doctor, arrived he quickly checked Andrew out and took him to another physician where the rest of the glass was removed from his arms.

Then Andrew, who has been threatened because of his Christian witness in the past, was driven several hundred miles to a large city for a period of recuperation, officials said.

Ominously, during that trip, Andrew took four calls on his mobile phone, where callers told him, “Now you are going to heaven with your Isa (Christ).”

A pin was installed in his elbow to hold together a broken chip, and further surgery and physical therapy may be needed, officials said.

“Despite all of this hostility and opposition, Andrew remains determined to continue his ministry to Muslim-background believers,” the VOM said.

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