NBC has reportedly determined not to broadcast concert footage of singer Madonna as she performs while hanging from a mirrored cross and wearing a crown of thorns. The network is airing a November special featuring the pop icon.

During a performance of her song “Live to Tell,” Madonna appears on the cross wearing a crown of thorns, depicting the crucified Christ.

Word of the TV special drew criticism from the Rev. Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association and others in the Christian community. Rev. Wildmon says he expects a public announcement from NBC officials within the next two weeks, declaring that the “Live to Tell” segment will not be shown.

Madonna, in the meantime, is defending the segment as a sincere depiction of faith, which is quite preposterous.

AP reported her as saying the performance is her “plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a unified whole. I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he would be doing the same thing.”

Of course, Jesus IS alive today, Madonna. The very essence of Jesus’ ministry was his conquering of death, providing an avenue to heaven for all, through Him.

NBC Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly had earlier commented on the “Live to Tell” performance, saying, “We viewed it and didn’t see it as being inappropriate.”

Of course not. In this era when Christianity and Christians can be routinely slammed with impunity, why should we expect a network official to watch such a performance and see anything immoral?

Rev. Wildmon says if the networks maintain the present contempt toward Christians, they can expect an accelerating effort to challenge these types of broadcasts.

My National Liberty Journal newspaper has been encouraging readers for years to complain to the broadcast and cable networks when they air programming that impugns the character of Jesus Christ or unfairly paints Christians as fanatical clowns or cruel individuals who impose their beliefs on others.

We must continue the effort to protest these types of broadcasts, especially since we are seeing more and more such incidents.

Why are we in fact seeing such an escalation in these types of media attacks on Jesus and His followers?

I believe the answer is that, in this age of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism – which are sacred concepts in the so-called mainstream media – there is no room for a Man who declared that He was the only way to heaven. Jesus’ declaration contradicts the very essence of the modern movement of religious multiplicity, which teaches that we should rely on the “truths” of all religions and all cultures.

The problem is that when it comes to “diversity” in the portrayal of Jesus by the networks and cable channels, you won’t find any positive portrayals. It seems that diversity does not apply in the least in depictions of Christianity.

In fact, NBC just recently angered the Christian community with its now-canceled series “The Book of Daniel,” in which Jesus was depicted as a kind of carefree hippy who converses with a pill-popping priest.

While Christians must continue to take a stand for Christ, we can expect these types of negative representations of Jesus to escalate. These attacks go hand-in-hand with the intensifying effort to purge depictions of the Ten Commandments and other Christian symbols from the public square.

But we must not grow weary in well doing or live out our faith in fear. In fact, we who are believers in Jesus Christ know that one day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord (Philippians 2:9-11).

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