”You did your nice little hit job on me.”

”Tell the truth, Chris.”

”You came here under false pretenses.”

”You didn’t formulate it in an honest way.”

”You got that little smirk on your face and you think you are so clever.”

– Bill Clinton interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

And all the while jabbing (not wagging) that finger at Chris Wallace.

Narcissistic rage.

If you didn’t see Bill Clinton lose control and reveal his pain when asked a few legitimate questions by journalist Chris Wallace on Sunday, take a moment to get up to speed.

Bill Clinton hasn’t shown that much passion since Monica Lewinsky snapped her thong at him. This is classic behavior of a narcissist. Wallace’s interview could be used by psychology classes the world over as a teaching tool to give students a real life glimpse of a narcissist and how a narcissist responds when their image has been injured.

As we all witnessed, a narcissist will fight like a cornered animal when they believe their image has been impacted in a negative way. When a narcissist’s all-important image has been tarnished – like when Bill Clinton is faced with history – they will lash out like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is known as narcissistic rage.

It has been proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Bill Clinton did next to nothing to stop terrorists. The ABC mini-series ”The Path to 9/11” was an accurate portrayal of what led to that disastrous day. Both the Clinton and Bush administrations took their knocks. But only Clinton reacted with unmitigated rage. Perhaps this factoid is the most damning bit of evidence against Narcissist-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, and his ”obsession” with Osama bin Laden:


Bill Clinton never met with CIA Director R. James Woolsey one time for his first year in office. Not once. Director Woolsey tried innumerable times to meet with President Clinton and was avoided at every turn. Clinton only met with his CIA Director TWICE in two years.

So when Bill Clinton becomes unhinged while defending his indefensible negligence in failing to protect our country while president, remember that fact. And then remember Bill Clinton had plenty of time for Monica Lewinsky.

Let me share with you some universally accepted information about narcissists. It will help connect the dots (Monica’s blue stained dress, ”The Path to 9/11,” and narcissistic rage):

Narcissism is a pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and lack of empathy. A narcissistic individual is totally consumed with their image and has a fragile sense of self. A narcissistic individual has a basic sense of inferiority, although if you listen to him talk you would never realize it. A narcissist presents a false self to the world in hopes of creating a self-serving image.

In an effort to create a false image, a narcissist exaggerates their achievements and talents.

Because a narcissistic individual has a shifting morality – always ready to shift values to gain favor – any interaction with a narcissist is difficult. Lying is an integral part of the narcissist’s behavior and all self-reports are unreliable.

That being the case, let’s go back to Clinton’s little chat with Chris Wallace. Former President Clinton suffered a severe blow to his image when the mini-series ”The Path to 9/11” was aired. He fought tooth and nail to have it censured because Clinton knew his image would suffer. And that is far more torturous to a narcissist than water boarding is to a terrorist, believe me.

We all witnessed a narcissistic injury – an injury that always occurs when someone defeats or criticizes the narcissistic individual.

Think ”The Path to 9/11” and Chris Wallace.

A narcissist is haunted by criticisms and defeats. When a narcissistic injury occurs, the narcissist begins to feel empty, degraded and humiliated and is capable of retaliating with narcissistic rage. His reactions constitute disdain or defiant attacks. The narcissistic hurt is different from other types of emotional pain. The fact that this hurt is very vulnerable, and opens up to an emptiness signifying the dissolution of identity, imbues the reactive anger with an intensity and hardness rarely seen in other kinds of anger.

As with all other narcissists, there is nothing more important to Bill Clinton than his false public image.

Now, if you think there is no silver lining to Clinton’s outburst, think again. The left-wing nutroot kooks will love this. They will love it. Here’s proof:

Only an unbalanced person would extend Clinton credit for his embarrassing behavior on Fox News Sunday. His ”Yes men” will give him high fives. Clinton will be told he, not Muhammad Ali, is ”the greatest.” He will be told it was one of the greatest performances in the history of television. And those dirty bastards at Fox News deserved it. It will be all over the blogs for the next several days. Count on it.

It is quite likely Clinton’s raw anger, his narcissistic rage, will put Hillary back into favor with the nutroots. Of course, it will make her more unelectable than ever, but it might save her run for the nomination. Until now, it has been in great jeopardy.

Ten years ago, a performance like President Clinton’s would have ended any politician’s career. But that was then. Bill may have just saved the faltering hopes of his co-president in her bid to be the Democrat nominee in ’08. Kooks love rage. And they got a heaping helping of Slick Willy’s rage.

When you see this kind of rage on display, it is any wonder that ”Yes” men and women surrounded him when Clinton was president? Madeleine Albright. Sandy Burglar. Knowing what we know about Clinton’s explosive temper when faced with facts, who would want to be completely honest with him?

This is what happens with narcissists. They surround themselves with people who feed their egos. Everyone else is an enemy.

Clinton hates Fox. He hates talk radio. He hates Karl Rove. And Clinton made it clear in the Chris Wallace interview that he hates it that Rove focuses on national security. Why? Because Clinton, in that area, was a failure; and even he knows it. And the same is true for Democrats (except Joe Lieberman, and look what happened to him!)

The left-wing of the Democrat Party will embrace Clinton like never before. National Security means is nothing to them. Someone who exhibits rage while minimizing national security is in their corner. Big time! Bill Clinton had one sentence in his farewell address about terrorism. He never took terrorism seriously until he left office and his image was destroyed (injured, if you want to use the psychological phrasing).

If Clinton is proud of his ”war on terror,” then Americans have no choice but to elect Republicans in every race this November. If that is the best Democrats can do, then they are not fit to formulate and determine national security policy.

Clinton paid attention to Monica Lewinsky and paid no attention to his CIA director. These are facts. Those facts form Bill Clinton’s image. Ouch.

It’s a real shame Clinton is more angry at Fox News than terrorists. But, if the truth be known, Clinton is madder at himself than anyone or anything else. Unfortunately, he handles it like so many children caught in a lie. They scream, they cry, they blame others. But, eventually, most children grow. They mature. And when they become Clinton’s age, they behave like responsible, under control, adults.

Not former President Clinton. He will never grow because he has, in my humble opinion, a narcissistic personality disorder.

He is consumed with his image.

Bill Clinton hired Dick Morris to keep his approval ratings high. School uniforms, tuition credits, clever vacation destinations. This is what Clinton focused on. He wanted good poll numbers and he got them. He never wanted to tackle serious issues. Morris forced Clinton – on the third try – to sign welfare reform. Clinton wanted to happily remain in the shallow end of the pool.

Now he wants to be remembered as a champion deep sea diver.

Bill Clinton has a fragile psyche with a big hurt. But the pain he feels is nothing like the pain this country feels from getting a late start on the war on terror. ”The Path to 9/11” helped millions of Americans understand, for the first time, what did and did not happen in the ’90s with regard to our response to Islamo-fascist attacks on our country. Now we know. And now we know everything we need to know about the Clinton presidency.

That stained blue dress represents Bill Clinton’s legacy. It is a metaphor for Clinton’s narcissistic presidency – his focus on himself, rather than a focus on his oath of office – his promise to keep us safe. The stain on his presidency was his failure to take terrorism seriously.

And when confronted with those painful truths, we get a narcissist’s rage.

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