Apparently, Rep. Mark Foley is homosexual. And like many homosexual men, he likes young teen boys. We should pray for him that he gets a handle on this problem and refrains from harming any more kids.

Meanwhile, we need to wake up. The fact that this is typical behavior for homosexuals doesn’t stop us from continuing to elevate such folks to positions where they gain access to our kids.

And the liberal wing of the GOP – the “It’s My Party, Too” crowd – shelters and nurtures those who pose a serious threat to children in this and many other ways. Foley is on the advisory board of the radically liberal –- not “moderate”– PAC led by Christie Todd Whitman, who vetoed a partial-birth abortion ban bill while governor of New Jersey and supports homosexual “marriage.”

This outing of another RINO Republican won’t hurt the chances of conservatives at the polls in November, but will help clarify voter choices.

Get these people out of the party! The “It’s My Party Too,” or IMPT, “advisory board” is replete with child-unfriendly Republicans.

There’s former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, under whose leadership that state started a Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. As a result, Massachusetts funds school homosexual clubs and arrests parents, like David Parker, who don’t want the mind of his child assaulted with homosexual propaganda. And now that two men or two women can “marry” there, Boston public schools maintain a zero-tolerance policy against any “hateful speech” in opposition, with student expulsion one of the possible penalties.

Sexual fascism is alive and well in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, thanks to liberal Republicans. And don’t look to Gov. Mitt Romney for help on this. He has yet to take a strong position that affirms traditional marriage or protects our kids against homosexuality.

Other members of IMPT (or as I like to call them, “EMPTY”), are Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., and Rep. Mary Bono, R-Calif., who all voted against the federal marriage amendment. Foley also voted against the marriage amendment, predictably. And Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., voted for it in 2004 and against it in 2006, showing the courage of his flexible convictions.

I guess they would all agree with Whitman’s comment that homosexuals marrying wouldn’t affect “her” marriage. Strange, but I thought adults were supposed to learn that it’s not about “us.” There’s a bigger picture out there that grown-ups, including governors and congressional leaders, should learn about.

Yes, it will affect your marriage, Christie – because it will change the cultural norms, including what all of us are expected to accept and what all children are taught. Our children are endangered if we fail to leave them a legacy of sexual responsibility in the context of traditional marriage. But no – we unleash upon them public leaders with standards of the sewer.

Open or suspected homosexuals should never be elected. The problem with homosexuals is that they frequently don’t have common sense and don’t acknowledge appropriate boundaries. Weird sex, public displays of “affection” and nudity, and sex with youth are built into the “gay” sub-culture. Witness any pride parade, stroll around any predominantly “gay” neighborhood, or visit “GLBT” websites and you quickly see the problem.

This past week, American Airlines reported an incident where two homosexual males were engaging in physical contact some passengers found offensive. When asked by the crew to stop, the pair became verbally combative to the point where the flight was nearly diverted.

Yes, just a handful of out-of-bounds people can wreak havoc in any group. When the group includes children, there’s a name for it: child corruption.

We are insane to allow suspected or open homosexuals to assume positions as public officials, pastors, teachers, camp counselors or coaches. Then there are the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts have caved on this, as lesbians now are common among leadership. The Boy Scouts need our prayers as they suffer through constant accusations of “discrimination” just because they don’t let open homosexuals supervise groups of boys on camp-outs, trips and other close, same-gender activities. They are such meanies!

Foley’s leadership on the issue of child predator protection is amazing. There’s little personal shame and much truth-twisting among homosexuals regarding youth. We need people of character in office, not those who are “double-minded,” whose public leadership is at odds with their personal behavior.

As I have followed the homosexual agenda in schools for over a decade, I continue to be flabbergasted at the subterfuge. Parents are letting the “gay” lobby get away with normalizing homosexuality even to elementary school kids. And as more openly homosexual teachers, cross-dressers and sex change patients lead classrooms, the schools continue to call this part of “safe” school programs for students.

When a 10-year-old is “safe” to learn about homosexuality in class but prayers are forbidden, we are in real trouble. It’s OK to tell middle schoolers about detailed condom use, but “gay” activists launch vicious attacks on any abstinence education program. Our Orwellian public schools are imploding, but they continue to ask for more money.

As voters go to the polls in November and consider these liberal GOP candidates, let them remember the Foleys out there. They really don’t have the safety and longevity of any age child in mind. Just look at their priorities, pals and programs. It’s all about sex, from cradle to early grave. Is this what we want for America?

Let’s clean up the GOP, knowing that Whitman’s empty “party” is no party at all, but instead a wake for our precious kids.

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Linda Harvey is founder of Mission America, which monitors and reports on the promotion of homosexuality to youth.

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