Thank you, John Kerry, for reminding me and the rest of America what an evil alternative you and your party represent for this country.

I take a backseat to no one in my disgust for the failure of this president and the Republican Party in addressing some of the critical issues facing America – border security, controlled immigration, government spending, etc.

So disenchanted was I – and I’m sure I speak for millions of other Americans – that I have been less than enthusiastic about next Tuesday’s election.

I asked myself:

Does it really make a difference which party governs?

Are the Republicans capable of operating within the defined constitutional limits of our republic?

Do we really have any choice in our two-party system?

While I still have grave doubts the Republicans will ever get their act together, I’m looking forward to voting next week – if, for no other reason, than to let the whole world know Americans reject John Kerry and his party that represents surrender and contempt for the U.S. military.

As I write this column, Kerry, still the titular head of the Democratic Party, is trying to spin his offensive remarks about our fighting men in Iraq.

But you heard him with your own ears. You saw him with your own eyes. No matter what he says today, you know in your hearts that he wasn’t criticizing President Bush, he was demonstrating, once again, his lifelong loathing of the American soldier.

It’s the very reason we know Kerry. It’s the very reason we met him in 1972. It’s the very reason he gained national attention. It’s the very reason he was able to woo Massachusetts voters to send him to Congress. It’s the very reason he was able to persuade Democratic voters to make him their presidential candidate in 2004.

He’s not going to change – and neither is his party, any time soon.

What you see is what you get.

So, as for me, I will go to the polls Tuesday with a little more enthusiasm – a little more motivation – than I had last week.

I will vote to ensure the white-flag wavers don’t assume power just because of Republican ineptitude.

All across the nation voters will have choices to make. I’m not advocating voting Republican across the board. Be smart. Be selective. Vote your conscience. But do express your contempt for John Kerry’s party.

Around the world, our enemies are watching this election. They are eagerly awaiting a repudiation of those who have pursued them in Iraq and Afghanistan and right here in the U.S. They are hoping John Kerry’s party will be swept into power and hand them the victory they could never win on the battlefield against American soldiers.

Don’t give them that satisfaction. Don’t hand them that victory.

Get angry about what you heard from John Kerry. Let it sink in and fester. And take your revenge the only way we can next Tuesday. Defeat Democrats running for Congress who have embraced him as their leader.

It won’t solve all our problems. It won’t ensure America gets its political priorities straight. But it will be a big step in the direction of defeating soundly an evil ideology in our midst here at home.

It will make us feel better.

It will make us more secure.

And, who knows, maybe it might lead to more political competition in the future that truly represents the American people and our own national security interests.

Say no to John Kerry. Write his political epitaph. Defeat the Democrats. Support our troops!

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