CNN, fresh off a combative interview between Wolf Blitzer and Lynne Cheney in which the vice president’s wife turned the tables on the news anchor asking him if the network wanted a U.S. victory in Iraq, critics are accusing the website of bias over a headline yesterday on

“Judge blocks law making life impossible for illegals,” read the headline.

The headline, which was changed late last night, appeared on a story about a federal judge temporarily barring Hazleton, Pa., from discouraging illegal immigrants from living and working in the town.

Judge James Munley of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania issued a temporary restraining order against the Hazleton City Council, preventing it from enforcing its Illegal Immigration Relief Act Ordinance.

The measure was being used as a model for other U.S. towns concerned about an influx of illegal aliens.

The law, which had been scheduled to take effect today, would fine landlords found to be renting space to illegal aliens, close down businesses that hire them and allow legal employees to sue the businesses for employment lost during such a shutdown. A related law also establishes English as the town’s official language.

The restraining order is valid until Nov. 14.

Last week, Lynne Cheney pointedly asked Blitzer if his network was in favor of a U.S. victory in Iraq. Blitzer, obviously uncomfortable being asked questions rather than asking them, at first evaded. Cheney repeated the question. Blitzer finally awkwardly acknowledged his network supports U.S. victory in Iraq.

Earlier this year, CNN reporter Christianne Amanpour called the Iraq war a “disaster.”

CNN has been a target of criticism about anti-Republican bias for years.

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