Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Even while ballots are being certified across the country, there’s speculation among some California Democrats that freshly re-elected Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will next seek the U.S. Senate currently held by Democrat Barbara Boxer.

“His wife is part of the Kennedy clan, and so it would be natural for a glamorous Kennedy star to elevate himself to the U.S. Senate as the next Barack Obama,” former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “Here’s a guy investing $15 million to $20 million of his own money in the governor’s race. That can’t be what he’s after.”

State Sen. Jackie Speier is convinced Schwarzenegger intends to stay in the political game after hearing him say how much he enjoys public service.

“He said it in such a way that this guy is going to go wherever he can go,” Speier told the paper. “And where else can he go but to the Senate? … He is a competitor more than anything else.”

A spokesman for the Schwarzenegger campaign, says they are not looking at the 2010 race at this point.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger is 100 percent focused on being governor,” Adam Mendelsohn said.

But one senior Schwarzenegger adviser, speaking on background, told the Chronicle “nothing is being taken off the table. We would not say he is (looking to a Senate race) – but we aren’t ruling it out.”

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