WND fans are jumping at the opportunity this year to stage their own Christmas campaigns – and that’s ‘Christ’-mas as in “Jesus is the Reason” – to let friends and neighbors know why this season of the year is special.

And despite what you’ve seen, read and heard in the last few weeks, it’s not “low prices,” the overstock items now wrapped in glitzy red and green foil, or any of those other accoutrements people have hung on the Christmas banner.

It’s Jesus, and WND supporters this week made two Christmas products specially created by WND for its readers as the top products at Shop.WND.com, the company’s own store featuring products published by, created by or handpicked by the company’s marketing team.

Leading the list of products that promote Jesus was the popular holiday auto magnet of a Christmas tree, with the slogan, “The Reason for the Season.” It’ s a 7-inch image with a Nativity scene within, and is a perfect way to make a statement that Christmas isn’t about buying and selling, giving and getting, or lights, decorations and frills.

Second was the “Operation: Just Say… Merry Christmas bracelet,” which is a simple and attractive way to carry on a protest against those individuals, organizations and companies that want to make it “holidays” instead of “Christmas.”

“We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but political correctness has deemed it ‘incorrect’ to state so. The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to wish someone a Merry Christmas,” according to a description of the bracelet, a product created by Dan and Jennifer Giroux.

This campaign allows people to wear a bracelet that emphasizes the central focus of the season is Jesus.

Third was a new product, “The Declaration of Independence,” which is a special presentation of the truth about America’s founding.

Award-winning historian Rod Gragg has created an extraordinary package that includes replicas of the Declaration of Independence as well as a letter to the King of England, maps, tea tax assessments, and other documents.

The original 56 signers of the Declaration created a nation where rights are “endowed by their Creator,” not a government, and launched a freedom movement that has rippled into the farther corners of the world, the book tells readers.

WND Book Service readers strengthened their support for a book that has been attracting high levels of interest for several weeks: “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)” by Robert Spencer.

It reveals “the whole ‘politically incorrect’ truth about Islam’s violent teachings, bloody history, backward culture, and morally depraved founder.”

“When PC propagandists assure us that jihadist terror doesn’t reflect ‘true,’ ‘peaceful’ Islam, they’re not only wrong, they’re dangerous – because they lull America and the West into letting their guard down against their mortal enemy,” the book’s description says. “And not only do self-appointed ‘experts’ lie elaborately and persistently about Islam – they have also replaced the truth about Christian Europe and the Crusades with an all-pervasive historical fantasy that is designed to make you ashamed of your own culture and heritage – and thus less determined to defend it.”

“Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” by Gregg Jackson was in second.

He covers issues ranging from abortion to the war on terror, and gives readers the real information on the issues. It shows that we do know when life begins, that prayer in schools is constitutional and guns do deter crime.

It also debunks the false assumptions that the Democratic Party best represents the interests of women, a government-run health care system is a good idea, sex education in schools reduces the number of unplanned pregnancies and there’s no liberal bias on college campuses.

“Jackson’s book performs a public service and provides a valuable resource – helping to clear away the fog of misinformation, emotion, and deliberate distortion surrounding many contemporary issues,” said Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio host.

“America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It” by Mark Steyn was in third, down one position from a week ago.

He argues that it is going to end up with America – alone – against the rest of the world. European and Islamic anti-Americanism threatens to leave the U.S. isolated, and the global situation is rapidly approaching a point at which America will have to confront the enemies of civilization – without any help, he writes.

When the world is divided between America and the rest, all those who don’t want to see the world shrouded in a new Dark Ages should hope America wins, he said.

Here are the Shop.WND.com top sellers for Nov. 13-19.

  1. “The Reason for the Season Auto Magnet”

  2. “Operation: Just Say… Merry Christmas bracelet”

  3. “The Declaration of Independence”

  4. “The Annals of the World”

  5. “The Marketing of Evil”
    By David Kupelian

  6. “Hope of the Wicked”

  7. “The Pilgrim’s Progress Anniversary Edition”

  8. “Christianity and the American Commonwealth”

  9. “Taking America Back (paperback)”

  10. “In Mortal Danger”
    By Tom Tancredo

And here are the top sellers for the WND Book Service during the same period:

  1. “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)”
    By Robert Spencer

  2. “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies”
    By Gregg Jackson

  3. “America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It”
    By Mark Steyn

  4. “Enemies”
    By Bill Gertz

  5. “Culture Warrior
    By Bill O’Reilly

  6. “The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature”
    By Elizabeth Kantor

  7. “The Truth about Muhammad”
    By Robert Spencer

  8. “The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus”
    By Joel Chandler Harris

  9. “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World”
    By Gregory M. Davis

  10. “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters”
    By Dr. Meg Meeker

This list does not include WND’s two sister publications – Whistleblower magazine and Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin – always among the best-selling products in Shop.WND.com. If you’re not subscribing to these two great companions to WND, you’re missing out on the best monthly magazine and the best weekly, online intelligence newsletter in the world.

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