Jimmy Carter is taking another stab at explaining himself, his positions on the Middle East and his new book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” a blistering indictment of Israel.

After meeting with a group of rabbis in Phoenix, he wrote an open letter to American Jews. But, so far, that open letter to U.S. Jews has only found a home in Al-Jazeera. That should give you an idea of his real intended audience.

After being labeled an anti-Semite by some for his one-sided screed, Carter makes an effort to be more “even-handed” in this latest missive.

He acknowledges, for instance, that Israel protects the rights of Arabs and Jews alike within its borders, “where a democracy exists with all the freedoms we enjoy in our country.”

He acknowledges that Israel has legitimate concerns about its safety and security and terrorist attacks on its population.

He acknowledges that Jews do not control the U.S. news media.

But, Carter continues to demonstrate his viciously anti-Israel cynicism in other ways.

Notably, he sticks to his premise that a system of apartheid is enforced in Palestinian territories by Israel because of “the desire of a minority of Israelis for Palestinian land.”

This is still the Big Lie being pushed by a man who must know better.

There is indeed a kind of apartheid practiced within the Palestinian Authority. In fact, what is practiced there with regard to separation of people based on ethnicity and religion is far worse than anything ever dreamed of in South Africa.

It is, indeed, a virulent form of ethnic cleansing with an ultimate goal of genocide. And it is practiced not by Israel, but by Israel’s enemies.

It remains the official policy of the Palestinian Authority that no Jews are allowed to live there. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. This has always been the demand of the Palestinians, whether it was Yasser Arafat in charge or Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas. It matters not. The unconditional demand is that no Jews are allowed.

Israel, meanwhile, as even Carter points out, provides full citizenship rights for millions of Arabs. But the Arabs will not tolerate even one Jew within their territory or their future country of Palestine. Those are the rules.

That strikes me as a very real form of apartheid, yet it’s not recognized as such by Carter. Instead, he claims Israel is somehow enforcing apartheid on the Palestinians. How so? By acceding to the Palestinians’ demands that all Jews be evacuated? It is so patently absurd that no former president could make such a statement out of ignorance. He must be saying it with real malice aforethought. It is intentional deception – accusing the victims, in this case, of being the perpetrators of the crime.

Sadly, according to Carter’s account, the rabbis with whom he met accepted his explanation, shook hands with him and took autographed copies of his evil book.

Carter spoke and wrote as a self-proclaimed Christian. Yet, as a Christian and as a former president, he should be fully aware of the anti-Christian persecution taking place in his beloved Palestinian Authority. They have almost completely eliminated what they call “the Saturday people” from their territory, and they are moving with great speed in eliminating all the Sunday people.

Prior to reading his “open letter,” I thought perhaps senility was getting the best of Jimmy Carter. I won’t make the mistake of giving him the benefit of the doubt any longer. This man knows what he is saying and he is saying what he means.

He doesn’t like Israel. He has no problem with Arab ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from their territories. As such, he will share some of the moral responsibility for covering up the truth about the last phase of this conflict – which calls for the total annihilation of all Jews in the Middle East.

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