A good friend of mine, Richard Viguerie, considered one of the founding fathers of the “conservative movement” in America, recently asked his friends for advice about how to “relaunch and renew the conservative movement.”

I don’t have any ideas about that. But I did offer up my own suggestions for starting a brand new movement for freedom, morality and justice in America.

To me, it’s so obvious. I came to this conclusion years ago as a result of the regular feedback I received from you – WND readers.

With every new revelation we offered in our news report about corruption, fraud, waste and abuse in government and in our political culture, people always asked me the same question: “What can we do about it?”

Well, that was a tough one.

After all, I didn’t think it was my job to tell people what to do about the news. I had only been trained to report it.

But the question came so frequently that I decided I had to attempt to find the answer and the proper venue for explaining it.

It was very clear to me I couldn’t tell Americans to get more involved in politics. That wasn’t working. The choices were no good.

It was very clear to me I couldn’t tell Americans to write to their elected representatives. That wasn’t working. They were unresponsive.

It was very clear to me I couldn’t tell Americans that things were going to get better on their own. They were clearly getting worse.

One other time in history, men were faced with problems like this and came up with an inspired idea and solution. The result was the greatest explosion of freedom the world had ever known. It wasn’t the Reagan Revolution, though we could learn much from that example. It was the American Revolution.

I decided to take a good look at what those men wrote and did and apply it as a model for the kind of tyranny we face today.

The result was my latest book, “Taking America Back.” I can hardly do it justice in a column or even a series of columns. That’s why I wrote the book. But I do believe it offers a whole different approach to reclaiming all that made America good and great.

Here are some of the quick thoughts I had in response to Viguerie’s plea:

At some point, being conservative is no longer enough, because there isn’t enough of our national heritage left to conserve. I believe we have reached that point in America. Though many try to pigeonhole me as a “conservative,” I reject the label entirely. I have a few heroes who called themselves “conservative” – Ronald Reagan being one of them. But I have many more heroes who would have been puzzled at such a label – people who you could never associate with the idea of holding on to the status quo. Their names are Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and so on. They were hardly conservatives. They shook the very foundations of the world with their actions. They launched what became known as “the American Revolution” or the “War of Independence.” Conservatives aren’t revolutionaries. But we need to be today if we want to restore justice, expand freedom and reclaim morality in America.

You should contemplate this – pray about it. Same-sex marriage is a reality. You won’t stop it with legislation or court decisions. We have moved away from our constitutional system and you won’t get it back by electing “conservatives” – certainly not Republicans!

I think it’s time for “conservatives” to redefine themselves – reinvent themselves. It’s time to get radical – in the best tradition of our founding fathers. It’s time to stop trying to build coalitions of 51 percent. If you are successful in this degraded American culture, you will have compromised your principles.

It’s time to build upon the righteous radical movements having great success in America already – like homeschooling. It’s not a majority movement. It may never be. But it is effective – not only in the way it prepares a new generation of Americans for leadership and self-government, but in the way it denies the government school monopoly what it craves most, the minds and souls of your children.

Get right with God and become self-governing Americans in the best tradition of our national heritage. Get off the government dole. Don’t participate in the socialist schemes at any level. Get out of debt.

It’s time to aim much bigger than the next presidential election or the next midterm election. We might need to start thinking about starting our own shining city on a hill – maybe in one state. We need to show Americans how prosperous and free they can be if they only throw off the shackles of government control.

That’s what I think. But if you want to remain “conservative” and win this struggle, all I can say is “good luck.”

I love conservatives. Most of them are good, well-meaning, salt-of-the-earth people. But you can’t win a war on defense. And that’s what I see conservatives trying to do.

Is there a way to turn things around? Read Farah’s prescription in “Taking America Back.”

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