The recommendations issued by the Iraq Study Group and the way they are being received suggest a U.S. shift in a new direction – in favor of the Muslims. I believe the factor that most influenced this change is the presence of co-chairmen James Baker and Lee Hamilton on the panel.

Their report accepts the Saudi contention that the conflicts in the Middle East are really the result of Israel not giving the Palestinians what they’re asking for.

You know, this would be humorous if it were not so serious. All Israel is asking for, in order to give the Palestinians what they want, is for them to stop attacking them.

And I believe it was Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s intention, before he had the tragic stroke, to withdraw from Gaza to demonstrate that statehood wouldn’t bring peace. And it hasn’t.

Instead, it brought an avalanche of highly trained terrorists with lethal weapons into Gaza and a non-stop barrage of outgoing missiles into civilian population centers in Israel.

I believe it may well have been Prime Minister Sharon’s plan to say, “Now in the light of that, why should we give them control over the West Bank and pull out and give them a state there when that didn’t bring peace in Gaza. So why do we expect it to bring peace in the West Bank?”

It forces the conclusion, and I’m sure that this was his strategic intention, that the Palestinians don’t want a Palestinian state beside Israel. They want a Palestinian state instead of Israel.

In Palestinian schools, children learn there is no such thing as a state of Israel. It’s just a “Zionist entity.” None of their maps show the existence of Israel. All of Israel is labeled “Palestine.”

So with the U.S. administration now actively pressing for Palestinian statehood, it is forcing Israel into an utterly indefensible position.

If we force Israel to accept a state dedicated to its destruction in its very heartland, it will find itself with no sanctuary.

With highly-trained terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons coming from the West Bank and east Jerusalem, the heartland of Israel is almost indefensible now.

The escalation of terror will grow exponentially, as it has grown in Gaza. I believe the United States needs to take very careful heed to what God said.

I believe God has blessed the United States, for reason, because of America’s unflagging support for Israel. But if we back away, then God’s promise to them will fall on us.

He said in Genesis 12:3, to the descendants of Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and those who curse you, I will curse.”

Let’s all pray for wisdom for America’s leaders before America feels the weight of that curse.

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