Saddam Hussein’s not the only one choked up over his pending execution.

This morning’s breaking announcement that the Iraqi dictator could be hanged within hours left MSNBC anchor J.J. Ramberg gasping for breath herself.

MSNBC anchor begins choking during breaking news report about Saddam Hussein

She began the breaking announcement:

“We’re following a breaking story out of Iraq. Saddam Hussein could be executed within a matter of hours. [Cough] At least that’s what one Iraqi official is telling Reuters. [Cough, wheezing] Excuse me.”

Nearly 20 seconds of silence, broken only by wheezing and a cough, followed as video footage from Saddam’s trial played without audio. Viewers were left to their own imaginations as to what was occurring at the anchor desk during the episode until MSNBC broke to a Walgreen’s commercial.

View the video.

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