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Pro-abortion Democrats control Congress, Nancy Pelosi is House speaker, many disaffected voters are veering left, Hillary Clinton may be the next president – and 34 years after Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court still has a pro-Roe majority. Moreover, since that fateful 1973 ruling, almost 50 million unborn babies have been aborted, and millions of mothers hurt physically, psychologically and spiritually.

So, why are pro-lifers smiling?

They’re smiling because a quiet revolution is under way. Although it’s not visible from the U.S. Capitol, from the Supreme Court Building or from the White House, it is very visible down “on the street” – at the level of real life where women and girls make the desperate decision to solve their “problem pregnancy” by aborting.

In its groundbreaking February edition – titled “ENDING ABORTION: How the pro-life side will win the war,” WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine takes readers on a dramatic and paradigm-changing guided tour of both the abortion industry and the pro-life movement, showing how the war for life is incredibly but undeniably being won.

“But abortion is still legal,” one might say. Yes, but before the law will change, hearts must change – and a dramatic change-of-heart is taking place big-time, right here, right now. America is turning against abortion:

  • “Unless drastic changes are made, American women will lose the right to abortion and the [U.S.] Supreme Court won’t be the cause of it … the reason will be that physicians either can’t or won’t perform this essential service.” – Barbara Radford, former director, National Abortion Federation

  • “… the greatest threat to abortion rights may no longer be anti-choice judges and politicians, but diminished access to abortion services …” – Nita Lowey, pro-abortion congresswoman, New York’s 18th congressional district

  • “… the availability of abortions is diminishing because fewer doctors are willing to perform the procedure.” – The Washington Post

  • “Those who run abortion clinics, even in large cities, say that recruiting doctors is now their most serious problem.” – The San Francisco Chronicle

  • “… no doctors want to come and work in abortion clinics. Guess what? No nurses want to come and work in abortion clinics.” – Genevieve Grein, manager, Choice Medical Group, Santa Cruz, Calif.

  • “Abortion is a matter of choice in this country not only for women but for physicians as well. All over the country, most physicians are choosing not to do it …” – American Medical News

Although “top-down” efforts to end abortion continue valiantly – including attempts by several states to mount a direct constitutional challenge to Roe, congressional efforts to restrict abortion, notify parents, inform expectant mothers and the like – the greatest panic to the abortion movement is coming from what’s happening at the clinic level.

For example: When pregnant women get out of their cars and walk nervously toward the abortion clinic for their appointment with death, they often encounter a “sidewalk counselor” – a regular person, armed only with love, and with information the abortion clinic absolutely does not want their customer to know. Frequently, after a short conversation, the sidewalk counselor leads the mother away from the abortion clinic and around the corner to a “pregnancy care center.” These PCCs are sprouting up all over America, just as fast as abortion clinics are disappearing. And within many of those pregnancy care centers are the new “4D” ultrasound machines. When the abortion client lies down and experiences, for the first time, the reality of her unborn baby – and not a grainy, difficult-to-see old-fashioned sonogram, but a modern, crystal-clear image of her own baby – she does not go through with the planned abortion in the vast majority of cases.

That’s just one of many revolutionary assaults on the “right to abortion” – considered by many constitutional scholars to be uncannily similar to early America’s “right to slavery.”

Meanwhile, there are many other battle fronts, such as abstinence programs in the nation’s schools, reporting stunning success. And legions of bright, young, specially trained lawyers are preparing to defend women and to sue abortionists and their clinics, including Planned Parenthood.

All this in a climate in which repeated national polls reveal only one in four Americans agrees with unfettered abortion-on-demand as permitted by Roe v. Wade. A few years ago, America had about 2,000 abortion clinics; today there are fewer than 800. Physicians are forsaking the practice in droves.

Bottom line: Americans, especially the younger generation, are increasingly repulsed by abortion.

“People complain that news is always bad, and beg for some good news once in a while,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “This issue of Whistleblower is incredibly good news – life-saving, in fact.”

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