The owner of an abortion clinic where the body of a baby who was born alive and then allegedly killed was found has been arrested on allegations stemming from her operation of a second clinic, authorities report.

Belkis Gonzalez was arrested and jailed on two felony counts related to abortions at A Gyn of Miramar, Inc., an abortion business in Miramar, Fla., which is known as Miramar Women’s Center, according to a report from Operation Rescue, an organization of pro-life activists.

Bill Robertson, an information officer in the Miramar police department, told Operation Rescue that Gonzales had been taken into custody at her Miramar abortion business, and released over the weekend on $1,000 cash bond.

And he reported that a suspect believed to be Gonzalez’ partner, Siomara Senesis, also had been apprehended.

The arrests are a result of an investigation that began with a tip supplied to Miramar police in November 2004, by a pro-life investigator whose identity was not revealed by Operation Rescue. They were the seventh and eighth arrests, however, that have resulted from that ongoing investigation, officials said.

Operation Rescue said the two are business partners who have run a number of abortion clinics in the Broward County area, and the felony counts name both as defendants. The counts include “Principle in the First Degree” and relates to aiding in the commission of a crime, and “Unlicensed Practice of Health Care,” which relates to running the abortion clinics with employees who were not licensed by the state to do those activities.

According to documentation in the case, the Miramar clinic was actually being operated by Kieron Nisbet, who had had a limited “Unlicensed House Physician” status with the state that allowed him only to be employed by a hospital, and Robelto Osborne, a doctor who had his license to practice medicine revoked by the state.

Nisbet fled to Trinidad at the outset of the investigation, while Osborne turned himself in to Miramar Police, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in earlier case actions. Two other clinic workers, Adieren Rojas and Joselin Collado, also were arrested for performing medical functions without a license.

Osborne, Rojas and Collado all gave statements to authorities about Gonzalez and Senesis, although they weren’t taken into custody until just recently.

The arrest report details how the women knowingly allowed the two men to do abortions, even though neither held a valid medical license, and how the two defendants also instructed other unlicensed employees to do procedures that required licensed medical personnel, such as doing ultrasounds, dispensing medication and even assisting in abortions.

Gonzalez also was in the news in 2006 when the baby’s body was found at her abortion business in Hialeah, Fla.

According to documentation in that case, Gonzalez swept a live baby into a biohazard bag and tossed her onto the roof of the abortion business to avoid detection by authorities.

The body was found a week later, and authorities continue to investigate that episode and prepare their case.

“The pro-life investigator who blew the whistle on this rat’s nest of illegal abortionists is a great example of how much just one resourceful pro-lifer can accomplish with the truth on his side,” said Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue. “When we expose the abortion cartel’s unfruitful works of darkness, as Ephesians 5:11 commands, we see abortionists under arrest, abortion mills closed, and babies saved. We pray this case puts Gonzalez and Senesis out of the abortion business for good.”

As WND reported recently, the funeral for that earlier abortion victim was delayed because authorities could not yet release the body of the baby girl.

“It’s a baby case,” Assistant State Attorney Herbert E. Walker III told The Miami Herald. “No charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing. It would not be prudent to dispose of any potential evidence before the investigation’s done.”

An autopsy showed the little girl was born alive, but died from “extreme prematurity,” but the circumstances surrounding the death have prompted authorities to call for a criminal prosecution.

The autopsy reported the mother had had three pregnancies, “one abortion, one miscarriage and this birth,” referring to the body of the girl found in a decomposed state in July. Police had been summoned to the business after an 18-year-old went for an abortion, but the baby was born while she waited, and she observed the little girl breathing before a business worker came and put the baby in a biohazard bag.

”Any party with any legitimate interest in the case can ask that the body be held pending investigation for an unspecified amount of time,” said Walker.

The Herald report said the plans for the memorial service for Shanice, as her mother named her, included songs, a butterfly release and the participation of two ministers.

“I thought there would be a celebration for this little girl and we were all preparing for it and to have her rest in peace,” said Nick Silverio, who set up the Gloria M. Silverio Safe Haven for Newborns Foundation in memory of his late wife.

He had worked to set up the service, and arrange for the burial, and had planned for the Rev. Daisie Overman of Riverside Baptist Church and retired Catholic Bishop Augustin Roman to officiate.

A lead investigator in the police department earlier told WND he believes there will be charges in the case.

“My goal is to see that charges are filed,” said Hialeah Deputy Chief Mark Overton. “The evidence reflects that this was a homicide. We’re moving forward with that mindset. I believe our evidence has indicated (and) I think we have probable cause to bring charges.”

A police search warrant in the case earlier confirmed the scenario. “The staff began screaming that the baby was alive; at which time Ms. Belkis Gonzales cut the umbilical cord, threw it into a red bag with black printing. Ms. Gonzales then swept the baby, with her hands, into the same red bag along with the gauze used during the procedure,” the search warrant said.

At the time the body was found, a lawyer for the abortion business issued a statement that no crime was committed, and an 18-year-old had had an abortion without complications.

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