Google’s 2007 Valentine’s Day logo appears to be missing the letter ‘L’ at first glance

Does Google, the world’s most popular search engine, need a lesson in spelling its own name?

That’s what some people are wondering today after seeing the Valentine’s Day logo the company is using on its home page.

At first glance the logo, featuring a chocolate-dipped strawberry, appears to be missing the letter “L,” thus making the name of the California-based firm seem like it says “Googe” rather than Google.

Google’s 2005 Valentine’s Day logo

“We have to admit being a little baffled by the choice they made today,” said columnist David Utter at WebProNews. “It’s presumably a design by the brilliantly talented Google logo maker Dennis Hwang, a chocolate-dipped strawberry dripping into a tasty G shape. … The logo was missing the letter ‘L’. Googe? You’ve got us here, Dennis.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” a Google employee who requested anonymity told WND. “It’s just something we did for Valentine’s Day.”

When pressed to address the specific issue of a possible misspelling of the company name, the employee said, “The stem of the strawberry is the start of the ‘L.’ The letter is completed in the chocolate.”

Google’s 2003 Valentine’s Day logo

Hwang posted a comment about his design on an official Google blog, stating, “When you look at the logo, you may worry that we forgot our name overnight, skipped a letter, or have decided that ‘Googe’ has a better ring to it. None of the above. I just know that those with true romance and poetry in their soul will see the subtlety immediately. And if you’re feeling grouchy today, may I suggest eating a strawberry.”

Previous Valentine’s Day logos for Google, obtained by WND, have no such possible confusion over spelling, as all the letters in the name of the search engine are clearly visible.

Google’s 2001 Valentine’s Day logo

Google logos are no stranger to controversy.

The company came under fire last Veterans Day when for the 8th year in a row, it made no effort to commemorate any holiday honoring U.S. veterans or war dead – no tributes to Veterans Day or Memorial Day. It claimed the holiday was too solemn, though its Canadian homepage did feature a tribute to fallen soldiers.

As WND reported, Google marks special occasions including Halloween, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, the Persian New Year, the birthday of Percival Lowell, the Lunar New Year, the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Louis Braille’s birthday – all celebrated with special graphics and colors.

Google’s holiday signature is a dressed-up corporate logo for major holidays and lesser-known occasions alike. Besides overlooking Veterans Day and Memorial Day since the company’s inception in 1999, it has also ignored Christmas and Easter.

Google has been criticized for its one-sided political contributions and content policies:

  • Rejecting an ad for a book critical of Bill and Hillary Clinton while continuing to accept anti-Bush themes
  • Rejecting ads critical of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., while continuing to run attack ads against besieged House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas.
  • Allowing the communist Chinese government to have the search engine block “objectionable” search terms such as “democracy.”

In addition, the company came under fire for an editorial decision giving preferential placement to large, elite media outlets such as CNN and the BBC over independent news sources, such as WND, even if they are more recent, pertinent and exhaustive in their coverage.

As WND reported, 98 percent of all political donations by Google employees went to support Democrats, and as a matter of fact, Al Gore is now a senior adviser to Google.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave the maximum legal limit of donations to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry and to primary candidate Howard Dean.

Schmidt also contributed the maximum amount to Sen. Clinton.

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