Courtney Friel

The newest correspondent and substitute anchor on Fox News Channel, frequently criticized for focusing on glitz and sex, pulled a gallery of swimsuit photos from her website today after the leading cable news network announced her hiring.

Courtney Friel most recently served as host of “World Poker Tour,” according to her resume.

Beginning tomorrow, she will host “Fox & Friends Weekend,” according to Fox News exec Bill Shine.

Shortly after the announcement was made, a gallery of photos – including many in swimwear – vanished from Friel’s website. The page now is blank.

In addition to her experience on “World Poker Tour,” Friel was recently a correspondent for KPSB, the CBS affiliate in Palm Springs. She has also free-lanced for “America’s Most Wanted,” the E! network, Nickelodeon, Court TV and the Travel Channel. Her bio mentions her work hosting movie preview shows for Loews Theaters and Comcast Cable.

Courtney Friel declares in this photo: ‘I learned the intern’s secret: Buy the photographers beer. I ended up with a fabulous resume tape.’

She “starred in an MTV commercial for Love’s Baby Soft perfume” while still in high school.

“It is a combination of hard work and luck that has gotten me where I am today,” she says.

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