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Soros makes Halliburton stealth buy

George Soros

Billionaire George Soros has quietly invested $62 million in the purchase of more than 2 million shares of Halliburton, the major government contractor criticized by his own Open Society Institute and the activist group he funds, MoveOn.org.

The holdings were disclosed in a quarterly filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by Soros Fund Management LLC.

Vice President Cheney is the former CEO of Halliburton.

As WND reported, another outspoken leftist who had criticized Halliburton was discovered to own stock in the company – filmmaker Michael Moore.

“I think people find that stuff funny – Michael Moore owns Halliburton stock,” said Moore in a Nov. 23, 2005, speech carried by C-SPAN. “That’s like a great comedy line. I know it’s not true. I’ve never owned a share of stock in my life – anything. Did anyone see that a couple weeks ago? Somebody was yakking away. And I just thought, uh, that’s funny, I guess. Anyone who knows me is not going to believe that. Who’s going to believe that? Just crazy people are going to believe it.”

There was just one problem with that denial, said Peter Schweizer, author of the best-seller book “Do As I Say (Not As I Do).” Tax returns of Moore’s non-profit foundation – a non-profit foundation for which there are only two officers, Moore and his wife – showed ownership of 2,000 shares of Halliburton, the company most vilified by Moore in “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

“The real question, however, is whether MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, and other organizations that have benefited from Soros’ charity will see a problem with accepting money earned off Halliburton shares?” wrote Mike Boyer, editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

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