Float in San Diego Gay Pride Parade

Eleven local citizens appeared at a San Diego School District meeting this week to confront officials about the San Diego Cooperative Charter School’s active participation in the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

The activists were especially concerned about the school’s elementary-age children marching in the annual event.

The group presented the school board with pictures from the parade of scantily dressed men, sadomasochists and drag queens.

James Hartline, who several years ago renounced his homosexual lifestyle before becoming a Christian, spoke first. He reminded the board of previous attempts to speak to them about the issue when he repeatedly was interrupted by parade supporters, booed and “called names while speaking.”

Hartline asserted it was wrong to expose small children to pornographic scenes and sexual imagery that included overt public displays of affection between homosexuals, along with displays of pink phallus symbols.

Each board member was presented with a package of photographs from the parade. The activists said they were particularly disappointed that two board members they thought would be sympathetic – Sheila Jackson and Mitz Lee – had no comment about their concerns or the evidence presented.

Jackson refers, in her biography, to her involvement with the Bethel AME Church Missionary society; and Lee, prior to her election in 2004, attended monthly meetings of Women in Politics, a conservative Christian organization.

Also, Lee’s touting during her election campaign of involvement with the Cub Scouts and Little League gave the activists the impression she was “a friend of the family.”

San Diego School Superintendent Carl H. Cohn was the only one to respond to the complaints.

He said he had “a meeting about these concerns” and “did not find any parents who had a problem with their kids being in the gay pride parade.”

Cohn’s office did not reply to numerous attempts by WND to get further comment from the superintendent.

Kim Tran, a mother of five, and former Republican candidate for the California State Assembly who witnessed the board meeting was appalled.

“I cannot believe that this school board doesn’t do anything about what this charter school is doing to these little children,” she said. “It is so heartbreaking.”

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