Comic Sarah Silverman not happy that God is cuddling with her after sex on Comedy Central’s ‘Sarah Silverman Program’

Comedy Central consummated its season of “the Sarah Silverman Program” last night by featuring the title character having sex with God, and then trying to brush him off after a night of lovemaking.

Silverman was shown in bed with an amorous Almighty, whom she referred to as “Black God,” portrayed by actor Tucker Smallwood, a former NBC television director who also served in the Army in Vietnam.

The network, perhaps best known for its boundary-pushing “South Park” series, is offering an online clip of the episode, which is slated for rebroadcast tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern. (Viewer discretion of the clip and website strongly advised.)

A partial transcript of the morning after the holy sexcapade is as follows:

God: I had a really good time last night. A really, really good time.

Silverman: Thaaaanks (in a disdainful tone). Me too.

God: Come to heaven with me today.

Silverman: Today.

God: You’ll see the past and the future. You can fly, and I will introduce you to Thomas Jefferson.

Silverman: Oh, awesome. I told my friend, Natalie, I’d help her move, though.

God: I can stop time!

Comic Sarah Silverman tries to give God, played by Tucker Smallwood, the brush-off after having sex with him on Comedy Central’s ‘Sarah Silverman Program’

Silverman: That is so sweet. Oh, your pants are over there. I mean, not like I’m asking you to leave. I just mean, like if you can’t see it from this angle of still being in my bed.

God: Right, I should go.

Silverman: OK, um, all right, so, I guess I’ll see you around some time.

God: Do you mean it?! Or are you just saying that?

Silverman: I don’t just say things. I’m a lot of things. I’m not dishonest.

God: Can I get your cell number?

Silverman: I don’t have a cell phone.

At that point, Silverman’s cell phone starts ringing and the embittered God character zips up his pants. At the conclusion of the episode, Silverman knees God in the groin.

After the show aired, some comments were posted at the program’s online messageboard, including:

  • This is the absolute worst show I have ever seen on any channel, let alone Comedy Central. I watch [the network] constantly and am bewildered who thought this show is funny. Sarah Silverman is a no talent, d— and-fart joke, manly skank. Please cancel this show! … [T]he only way to get [Comedy Central] back is to throw this trashy bitch back to the curb!

  • God, what are these people thinking? And I find it frightening that there are people who actually do think these shows are in any way creative or funny. Best thing, don’t support these shows and boycott any sponsors of these shows, letting them know why.

  • You’ve got a unique and really well-done program. I never do anything fan-related, but feel compelled to at least be one of the voices out there telling you to keep this show going as long as you can (hopefully that is already the plan). Sarah, you’ll never read this, but you’re one of my favorite comics and certainly the most cleverly subtle person on television. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I guarantee I’ll be buying Season One.

On its website, the network coaxes viewers by inviting them to “step into the incredible world of Sarah Silverman as she goes about her life, which on any given day, can include taking in a homeless man, exploring her sexuality or encouraging a young girl to enter a pageant in order to fulfill her own childhood dreams.”

Mike Duffy, a TV critic for the Detroit Free Press says “Sarah Silverman is the twisted sister of comedy. She’s sweet ‘n’ sour, a rambunctious, naughty hottie whose flights of rude attitude are subversively hilarious to some, aggravatingly tasteless to others.”

Tad Friend of the New Yorker notes, “The brilliance of the show – the force of its argument that sitcoms turn us into loserish loners – is also its abiding flaw. We admire the purity of Silverman’s scornfulness, but we don’t want to hang out with her the way we did with Mary [Tyler Moore] and Rhoda. Not that she’d let us get that close anyway. ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’ is like a club so exclusive that only the owner can get in – not even God is on the list.”

Silverman, a 36-year-old native of Bedford, N.H., is known mostly for her stand-up comedy, and has had numerous roles in TV shows and films, including the uptight girlfriend of Mike White pestering serial loser Jack Black in 2003’s “The School of Rock.”

Comedy Central is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly owned division of MTV Networks, whose parent company is New York-based Viacom.

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