Doug Phillips

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, Va., the first permanent English settlement in America, Doug Phillips today begins writing an exclusive weekly column for WorldNetDaily.

Founder and director of Vision Forum Ministries, Phillips is spearheading “The Jamestown Quadricentennial: A Celebration of America’s Providential History,” to be held on June 11-16, 2007, in the Jamestown-Williamsburg-Yorktown triangle in honor of America’s 400th birthday.

In his new column, dubbed “Jamestown Jubilee,” Phillips will highlight the stark differences between the secular left’s revisionist view of America’s founding and what he sees has “the historical and providential record of the Christian legacy of law in liberty which was birthed for America at Jamestown in 1607.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, use of the word “celebration” is being banned at this year’s special events ordered by Congress to mark the anniversary of the arrival of settlers in Jamestown, 13 years before the Plymouth Pilgrims appeared on America’s shores, because, organizers claim, it was an “invasion” that resulted in a “holocaust.”

“I believe this is one of the most significant battles of our day,” Phillips told WND. “It is the battle for our history.”

Phillips’ Vision Forum is a discipleship and training ministry that emphasizes Christian apologetics, worldview training, multi-generational faithfulness and father leadership.

Previously, Phillips, an attorney, author and filmmaker, served six years at Home School Legal Defense Association and was director for the National Center for Home Education during his tenure there. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Phillips has led Faith & Freedom Tours in historic Virginia and Massachusetts for close to a decade. In 2006, he launched Vision Forum’s History of the World Mega-Conference, which featured more than 70 messages, spanning 6,000 years of earth history.

In 2005, Phillips served as the executive producer of the World War II documentary, “The League of Grateful Sons.” During the film shoot, he journeyed with aging veterans as they returned to the black sands of Iwo Jima for the 60th anniversary of the epic battle. The film, produced in conjunction with the Faith of Our Fathers Project, features Iwo’s old warriors sharing their stories with their sons and grandsons.

Phillips and his wife, Beall, have eight children – Joshua, Justice, Liberty, Jubilee, Faith Evangeline, Honor, Providence and Virginia Hope. They live in San Antonio, Texas.

Visit WND’s commentary page each Friday to read Phillips’ “Jamestown Jubilee” columns.

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