Citing concern for personal property rights, a Texas lawmaker has filed legislation to delay construction of the controversial Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposed network of privately funded, limited-access toll roads seen by some critics as part of an incremental merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Republican Rep. Rick Hardcastle said the “critical point for me is when the state disregards the personal property rights of hard-working Texans,” the Gainesville Daily Register in Texas reported

Hardcastle, whose district has little support for the project, filed House Bill 3831 in the Texas House of Representatives, which seeks to halt the project until specific improvements on Highway 35 are made. He also is co-author of House Bill 2772, a statewide two-year moratorium on toll road development.

The latter bill would stop all toll projects while legislators and government officials re-examine contracts and plans. The two bills are awaiting committee referral.

An activist opposing the project, Gainesville obstetrician Amy Klein, applauded the new legislation as an example of citizen representation in action, the Daily Register reported.

“I think that these legislators are finally listening to their constituents across the state of Texas,” Klein told the paper.

Klein pointed to a proverb frequently quoted by David Stall, founder of the anti-Corridor group CorridorWatch: “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

“I think that we’re slowly devouring this elephant,” Klein said.

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