Yesterday, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, talked about his plans to scrap the state’s abstinence-until-marriage education program:

“Ohio’s abstinence program has served no useful purpose, and is, in fact, harmful. I believe we need to move into a new era with our children, one that utilizes taxpayer dollars more effectively and also pleases the gay and abortion lobbies.

“We need to encourage sexuality of all types and provide condoms at school for youth in grades K through 12. After all, reality dictates (along with our friends at Planned Parenthood) that girls and boys are having sex with each other, sometimes with people of the same sex, sometimes alternating, and even sometimes with a chosen adult, and this is a good thing. Waiting until marriage or adulthood is an unproven experiment that shortchanges our kids, and probably displeases the ACLU.

“Girls must be empowered with the right to hook-up with boys at whatever age they feel is right for them, and then obtain needed and inconsequential abortions. Boys who have anal sex with other boys at age 13 should learn that this can be managed nicely with condoms.”

Strickland continued, “We can look to our gay friends for a good example. The wide distribution of condoms at gay bars, bathhouses and at gay pride parades by Ohio’s HIV prevention groups has worked well to reduce the HIV rate in our state – or, it will work well, I’m sure, once we give them more access to youth in schools and in the community gay youth centers, where interfering parents are not around.

“They also need adequate money and staff. I mean, $30 million a year is simply not enough. The Cleveland AIDS Task Force, after all, only has 60 employees! This is a disgrace.

“If we hand them the $2 million annually that the abstinence programs were receiving, around $10 per Ohio youth, and then find some more ( maybe the Department of Aging can give up some money), we can fund this in the way they demand – I mean, at the level that I firmly believe should be done.”

Actually, Gov. Strickland may not have said these words. But he could have. His move to cut abstinence funds amounts to the same thing.

Following recommendations of the radicals in his circle, Ohio’s bold new leader wants the state to follow the stellar examples of California, Maine and Wisconsin and just say no to federal abstinence funds. Talk about setting priorities!

Ohio’s conservatives are going to fight this tooth and nail. Meanwhile, what about the kids? Why did Ohio elect such a person of questionable character who fails to grasp the short and long-term damage that will be done to our youth by sexual corruption at school?

Amid the social engineering public school students already endure – tedious anti-bullying lessons, worshipping the rainforest, pro-homosexual mythology, sympathy for Islamo-fascism – at least there was one element of sanity. Abstinence! Wait until marriage. Whew! That was one less thing they had to rush to try.

Now, the best we can offer them is latex and Planned Parenthood. Yes, it’s “reality” that kids are actually doing lots of sexual things – because we are teaching them to. Some kids also starve themselves. Would reality dictate that we withhold food, because that’s their “choice”? What about the teen who is cutting herself? Do we give her safety razors?

What inmates are running this asylum?

Adults have the responsibility to offer children our best wisdom, our loving protection, and to allow kids time to be kids, not to mention the option of a long and healthy future. Evidently in Ohio, this won’t happen until we get a governor who has a heart for children.

Until then, our kids can say hello, Columbus – goodbye, life.

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Linda Harvey is the founder of Mission America, which has been following the sexuality agenda directed to American youth for over a decade. She’s a resident of Ohio.

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