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Google censors China criticism in U.S.

Internet search engine Google, which WND reported earlier censors its search results in China to meet government demands, now is censoring criticism of China in the United States, according to one website owner.

Honoring China’s ‘The Year of the Pig’

WND has documented that Google already disregards commemorations of national American holidays such as Memorial Day but honors China’s year of the pig, has refused to link to news sources critical of radical Islam but hosts blogs containing homosexual pornography, hosts blogs promoting “boy love” and sexual relationships between men and adolescents but refuses to run ads from a Christian ministry to homosexuals, and has blocked ads attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton but welcomes ads attacking President Bush and other Republican leaders.

Now website owner Chris Langdon said he found out that Google censors criticism of China within the United States, after he launched his ChinaIsEvil site and was denied permission to purchase advertising on the search engine.

His site lobbies against the continued financial support for China by the purchase of products and the location of business ventures there. He notes that his opposition is to the oppressive government in China, not the population itself.

“Not all Chinese people are evil, of course. Many in China want more freedom, as evidenced by Tiananmen Square. However, the Communist Chinese government has been, and is, a murderous one. The Communist Chinese slaughtered millions during the Chinese Revolution. After coming to power they murdered thousands of landowners after mock trials. Subsequently, Communist China invaded Tibet and murdered a million Tibetans,” the site says.

It also lists China’s help in North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, the estimates of up to 40 million dead during the “Great Leap Forward,” the millions of deaths during the “Cultural Revolution,” and the nation’s influence in Viet Nam.

“As long ago as 1971, in a study done for Congress, Professor Richard L. Walker, in ‘The Human Cost of Communism in China’ noted that Beijing was responsible for the deaths of between 34.3 million and 63.8 million people … [in 1995] European historian Jean Louis Margolin … stated that Chinese Communism took the lives of 44.5 million to 72 million people…,” the site notes.


However, Langdon says Google, as well as Yahoo! and Microsoft, have refused to allow him to advertise.

“It is well known that Google and Yahoo! allow the Communist Chinese government to censor information that appears on their search results in China. Few know that Google censors its search results in America, and its advertising, in a decidedly arbitrary, unfair manner,” said Langdon.

He said he asked for permission to buy ads for his site.

“I waited a week, asked them several times, but they would not give me a response,” he told WND. “It was like a pocket veto; they weren’t going to come out and say you can’t advertise, they just said they hadn’t made up their minds.”

“They don’t want to offend Communist China,” he said. “I’m not talking about censoring in China. I’m talking about in America, they censor in America.”

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has said in published remarks that cooperating with Chinese officials is the cost of participating in the Internet business in that nation.

“It is more important for us to participate, not only for economic reasons, but to be able to [help shape where the industry is going],” he said, after his company was accused of giving the Chinese government evidence that led to prison sentences for two Chinese Internet users.

“They allow advertising for Hitler. You can download a copy of Mein Kampf. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be allowed to read that. But they can advertise Hitler’s book, they can advertise Mao’s Little Red Book, and ‘Das Kapital,’ but I can’t advertise,” he said.

His site does show up in certain specific searches, such as hunting for “China” and “evil” at the same time. Hunting just for “China” leaves him unmentioned.

“The main thing is they will not let me advertise,” he told WND.

Langdon blames the “perspective” on financial interests.

“Many business leaders and politicians want us to overlook Chinese Communist atrocities and human rights abuses, past and present, because of perceived business opportunities in China,” he said. “China official holds about $550 billion of our debt, second only to Japan. However, they have also purchased large amounts of our debt privately, therefore, the true amount they hold is much greater.”

Langdon said he was told Google policy does not allow websites to promote “violence or advocate against a protected group. But he noted one of Google’s other advertisers features products with titles such as “Zionist/Fascist/Satanist-George W. Bush,” “A Cuban I’d Like to Smoke,” “I Slap Feminists for Fun” and “I Do Not Brake for Turbans.”

“MSN never ran my ad for my China site and offered no explanation as to why it didn’t. Yahoo refused to run any of my ads, purportedly because my websites aren’t hosted by them,” Langdon said.

One chapter of “Stop The Presses,” the newest book from WND founder Joseph Farah, also makes the case over Google’s decisions.

The company, he noted, refused to cooperate with the U.S. government hunting for patterns of information searches involving child pornography. But then it agreed to censor its search results in China in exchange for more access to the world’s fastest-growing Internet market.

“You can be sure no one in China will be able to Google the content of, say, WorldNetDaily.com,” writes Farah. “To get the Chinese license, Google agreed to omit Web content that the country’s government finds objectionable. Incredibly, Google will base its censorship decisions on guidance provided by Chinese government officials. In other words, in case you don’t yet see the point, Google flouts reasonable government requests designed to protect children from the emotional and spiritual ravages of porn, but accedes without protest to the demands of dictators only interested in denying their people information.”

E-mail and telephone messages left with Google were not returned immediately.

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