Chuck Norris

“Chuck Norris doesn’t review books, per se. He permits certain authors to live.”

That isn’t really one of the thousands of examples of Chuck Norris “joke lore” sweeping the Internet. It’s one made up especially for the purposes of this story.

Maybe it’s what was secretly going through Joseph Farah’s mind when he sent a copy of his new book, “Stop the Presses!” to the martial arts champion and action hero who doubles as a columnist for WND.

“With Chuck Norris’ reputation, I was sweating,” joked Farah, the founder and editor of WND. “But then I got the good news. He liked it. Soon, the sun came up. Flowers started blooming. Birds began chirping.”

In his weekly column for WND today, Chuck Norris not only praises “Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution,” he offers congratulations to Farah and WND on 10 years as America’s largest independent source of news on the Internet.

“I just finished the book and must say it is a gripping adventure story and insider’s look of how the New Media revolution ended up in our laps,” he writes. “From the newsrooms of California to the Web pages of the global community, Farah hits on the hallmarks of Internet media history in a way that makes for captivating investigative reading.”

He notes a recent article in Forbes stating “the media as we know it is on its way out.”

“Just a short time ago I was asking, ‘How did all this happen? How did this cultural media shift transpire?'” writes Norris. “Then Joseph Farah, the founder of WND, came along with an answer in his latest book, ‘Stop the Presses!'”

He continues: “The most fascinating parts of the book for me are the comments he makes on the contributions and clashes of media communications, and the role WND has made in that new high-tech culture war. The fact of the matter is that the creation of WND has not only given the world a truthful and an alternative voice to news, but one that I believe is reflective of what our founders said and would want us to hear.”

Norris, who began writing his weekly column exclusively for WND in October 2006, demonstrates he is really a fan of the site – someone who appreciates its unique position in the marketplace.

“Since WorldNetDaily’s inception, it has remained a free press for a free people, preserving the truth and freedom found in the 1st Amendment,” Norris writes. “It’s not a conservative voice, but a radical one – an influence that is needed in our milquetoast world. And at the center of it all are a bounty-hunter veteran news reporter and editor, and his wife, Joseph and Elizabeth Farah. They’re independent. They don’t shy away from controversy. And they’re not afraid to tell the truth, despite the fallout.”

Farah said he was overwhelmed by the generosity of the tribute: “I’m glad I’m on the right side of Chuck Norris – that’s all I can say. Seriously, I’m gratified for his words and even more so by his willingness to be such an important part of WND each week.”

“Stop the Presses!” also boasts endorsements from two other media giants – Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Limbaugh said: “Joseph Farah was not just ‘present at the creation’ of the new media revolution, he helped instigate it. ‘Stop the Presses!'” is a fascinating and freewheeling look at how a harmonic convergence of politics, personalities and technology has forever changed the way Americans interact with their government, their fellow citizens and the world.”

Coulter weighed in: “WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah is uniquely qualified to tell the real story of the ‘new media revolution.’ After all, he helped start it. This Patrick Henry of the Internet will have you hoisting a Sam Adams in celebration.”

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