Why didn’t the president of Virginia Tech University and the police chief charged with protecting the lives of those poor defenseless students and faculty members do more to stop the campus massacre?

Because they were enabling evil.

They’re just the latest example of a society-wide refusal to fight the good fight.

I’m sitting here watching these same men give a news conference in front of TV cameras. They look like deer in headlights as they try to explain why they apparently allowed a madman to kill two people and then remain on a college campus for hours while they stood by, meek as lambs, refusing to acknowledge the evil thrust upon them, refusing to allow the innocent any opportunity to protect themselves.

The so-called SWAT teams are supposed to neutralize the threat. They’re trained to rush in and save lives. Why are so many of them seen on video standing around behind police cars while shots are being fired, while innocents are dying inside?

Why don’t they do what they are trained and paid to do? Why were they sitting back and allowing evil to run its course without fighting to stop it?

Because they were enabling evil.

Did Columbine not change the rules? Knowing what we know now, why didn’t they stop the threat sooner? There had been previous bomb threats at Virginia Tech and another shooting near campus last year. Hello?

Am I the only one on the planet who recognizes and fears the post-9/11 world we live in?

Did anyone not think this might be a terrorist act?

For that matter, did anyone not think a lone gunman, some evil nut, might be on a shooting rampage?

Did anyone not think it might be a good idea to cancel cheerleading tryouts?

I have only one explanation for why everybody failed to react in a more aggressive manner. Why they did what they did. Why they didn’t do what they should have done.

Because they were enabling evil. Because our laws, our culture, our attitudes, our ways are all influenced by evil.

This is Satan’s world, and most are marching to the beat of his drum, whether they know it or not.

Those ”authorities,” and anyone else who had any opportunity to thwart this slaughter, are complicit in this horrible crime.

They sat on their hands for hours and stood by as dozens of innocents, completely unaware of the evil about to be thrust upon them, were slaughtered.

I can draw only one conclusion. They refused to act, because they didn’t want to act. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is.

The ”authorities” hid behind their desks and their police cars.

They didn’t want to ”inconvenience” anyone.

They didn’t want to make a fuss.

They didn’t want to overreact.

They didn’t want to appear foolish.

They didn’t want to risk ridicule.

They didn’t want to make anyone angry.

They didn’t want to get sued.

They didn’t want to shoot someone.

They didn’t want to pay any overtime.

They didn’t want to miss lunch.

They didn’t want to trouble any professors.

They didn’t want to do the right thing.

They didn’t want to cancel those cheerleading tryouts.

And they didn’t want to acknowledge evil exists and thrives in this world.

They didn’t want to confront that evil. And they didn’t want to confront it, because they’re enabling evil.

Think about it.

Why don’t lawmakers seem to know the difference between right and wrong? Why don’t they ever do anything for the good of the people?

More laws that limit freedom? Like gun-control laws?

Higher taxes?

Illegal immigration?

Why don’t our elected officials seal our borders and protect U.S. sovereignty?

Jail for protecting your life and property?

Innocent young men accused of rape while exonerating evidence is withheld?


It’s out there. And it reared its ugly head yet again today in a sleepy little town in Virginia.

Sadly, the ”good guys” stood around and watched it happen.

And that, my friend, is evil.

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Felicia Dionisio is a news editor for WorldNetDaily.

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