Yes, disregard what God commanded and compromise on the God-given right to life that every innocent human being deserves. Follow man’s wisdom, and then tell us the great things you will accomplish. If we won’t follow you, then resort to calling us names.

Last year, National Right to Life endorsed a pro-abortion candidate over a pro-life candidate. Yes you read this correctly. If a man or woman will compromise on “Do not murder,” then maybe National Right to Life can tell us what they won’t compromise on. There can be no higher standard to judge a political candidate by than if he will protect the innocent.

This year, Operation Rescue said that anyone who doesn’t agree with their compromise is a pro-abort. How ironic since they are the leaders who propose that a baby conceived in rape or incest can be put to death. Why? Because her father is a criminal. Yet they call us pro-abortion.

God said do not put a child to death for the crimes of her father (Deuteronomy 24:16). But, of course, they know better than God Almighty. After all, they live in the “real world.” In this world you have to compromise on God’s enduring command “Do not murder.” In this world, man decides who lives or dies. Those of us foolish enough to honor God are accused of causing trouble for these “real pro-life leaders.” They want us to get on board with their compromise. They want us to honor their political aspirations, and they want us to help them get a seat at that table.

They falsely claim that they are like those who helped Jews escape Nazi Germany or slaves escape to freedom. That analogy does not apply because those people wouldn’t have introduced laws to allow that evil to continue.

A more accurate analogy would be the gardener that prunes a weed. While he makes it appear that he has reduced the size of the weed, the reality is that he has only nipped at the weakest part of the weed and the root structure has grown. The root in this issue is the denial of personhood to the pre-born. When pro-lifers pass a 24-hour waiting period, they claim victory because the weed appears smaller, but they feed the evil root because the law ends with “… and then you can kill the baby.” The gardener has failed to recognize the result of his strategy, yet proclaims victory and demands adherence to his gardening method.

Abortion first started in the U.S. in Colorado on April 25, 1967, when a law was signed that allowed abortion for the “hard cases” of rape and incest. This very compromise proposed now by most pro-life leaders actually started the abortion holocaust, and so far, 50 million Americans have been slaughtered because of it.

Sadly, they now ask us to honor their leadership, their views and publicly support them even if we disagree in private, “for the good of the movement.”

Instead, we invite them to debate their position in public – but they have so far declined. Instead, they call us names. Why is that?

We know the commandment to end abortion comes from God, not from man. It’s been almost 40 years since abortion was legalized. For most of those years we’ve heard this same strategy of “doing some evil that good might come from it.” Well, it hasn’t. This failed strategy has never once protected or given personhood status to a single child.

To those who promote compromise: Have the courage to debate your position, set aside your name calling, look honestly at your position and ours, and consider that extending the 40 years of compromise will never end abortion. Set aside your anger and join with us to call this nation to repentance. We must honor God to end this slaughter.

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Brian Rohrbough is president of Colorado Right to Life.

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