Well, another impotent, cowardly nerd appears on the front page of the New York Times.

Glaring out at the world, armed and in military dress, in color, above the fold, for the first time in his life he looked like a man!

The New York Times executives would know the killer’s picture is sure to egg on dozens of copy-cat killers to outdo this lily-livered weakling’s death count. This is what David Kupelian warned about in ”The Marketing of Evil.” However, give the newspaper of record kudos for calling the killer a killer and not ”the shooter.”

Most reports prettify and de-stigmatize murderous evil doers with ”doublespeak.”

The bigwigs arrested daily for child abuse and child pornography are commonly ”prefixed.” They are all ”ex” teachers, judges, principals, doctors, lawyers and such. (Not clergy of course. They don’t get an ”ex” prefix.)

And vicious, gutless killers are de-stigmatized as ”shooters.”

Even in 2006, the Random House Unabridged Dictionary does not define a ”shooter” as a killer.

  1. a person or thing that shoots.

  2. Games. a marble used to shoot at other marbles.

  3. a person who sets off explosives in oil-drilling operations.

  4. Informal. a photographer, esp. an amateur hobbyist.

No killers there.

Now to our latest New York Times celebrity mass murderer of 32 unarmed students and faculty at Virginia Tech.

Press headlines scream, ”Why?” How could someone do such a thing? We are befuddled! Television executives too were sooo befuddled they didn’t think to postpone their daily entertainment to cover this newest tragedy.

So, what are the common factors shared by most recent mass school killers?

Start with a boy who will never be a football hero or homecoming king.
Place him in a society drenched in sadosexual arousal as entertainment.
Toss in some family troubles of a trivial and/or serious nature.
Bring him to a local video game arcade to painstakingly perfect both a killer’s attitude and aim.
Sit him at the Internet every night, angrily lusting after naked young blondes who provoke his loins.
Give him psychiatric drugs for his depression – drugs known to facilitate violent behavior.

Although violent video gaming and pornography/erototoxic addictions are often not reported in the press, these obsessions, along with depression medication, are a common youthful killer profile.

One of the Virginia Tech killer’s plays was released to the press. The rest are cloaked in killer ”privacy.”

In this play, the killer writes pornographically about his 13-year-old boy protagonist’s mom doing it “doggie style” with his homosexual/pedophile step-father. Was there homosexual molestation in the killer’s life as well? The killer’s poetry professor Nikki Giovanni said his poems revealed someone engaged in ”a personal violation … objectifying his subjects,” doing things ”to your body parts.”

Giovanni was describing erototoxins – pornography. The killer’s violence was sexual, such as, ”Your bra is torn, and I’m looking at your flesh.”

Most press reported the killer took ”pictures” of the students that made them uncomfortable. Not quite. He ”was taking photographs of their legs and knees under the [girls’] desks with his cell phone.”

Excuse me? He shot pictures of girls’ crotch area ”under the desks” and the police weren’t called to arrest the predator? Were the pictures confiscated? What kind of school does not prosecute men who slide under girls’ classroom desks to take such pictures?

This is massive pornographically motivated sexual harassment well beyond the norm.

Law enforcement needs to collect and report all the information on killer addictions to violent video games, erototoxins and medications. Our mass media needs to stop celebrating mass killers and pandering sexual violence. Our universities need to stop pandering pornography. Our medicine men need to stop prescribing drugs likely to cause vulnerable users to violence.

Until we seriously examine these and other critical issues, these tragedies will grow in virulence and in ”kill counts.”

Meanwhile, a major lawsuit waits in the wings if Virginia Tech has been a pornographic/erototoxic tolerant environment.

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