WASHINGTON – Like David taking on Goliath, an upstart Internet search engine for parents of small children is battling giant Google over its proliferation of pornography.

It’s the latest evidence of “incredibly poor moral decisions by Google,” says Joseph Farah, author of “Stop The Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution,” a book in which he characterizes the Internet’s most successful company as “evil.”

KinderStart.com, a search engine for parents of children up to 7, has filed an appeal to the 9th Circuit, announcing it will continue its legal fight with Google, which refuses users access to KinderStart.

KinderStart demands Google remove all pornography from its index.

Interestingly, Google injected pornography into the case by declaring in open court that KinderStart was “rife with porn” and declared this was the reason for the ban of the site.

According to Dr. Victor Goodman, KinderStart’s spokesman, just the opposite is true.

“KinderStart, since 2000, has provided a safe haven for parents and children from the pornography that infests the Internet and specifically the Google index,” he said. “Google may well be the largest repository of pornographic information and sites in the history of man.”

Goodman says Google profits in the untold millions of dollars annually by selling ads that lead to pornographic websites.

“Thus Google makes huge income from pornography of all sorts,” he said. “Google is in the porn business big time and on an annual basis may generate more money from links and ads to and for pornography than any other company.”

Meanwhile, KinderStart says it has never derived a penny from that trade “and never will.”

“There are no pornographic links on KinderStart, and if it is ever spammed with un-seemly content it is removed the minute that we become aware of it,” said Goodman.

Besides battling in court, KinderStart is making a public appeal to parents to demand that Google remove all sites that link to pornography or place a warning stating that it promotes pornography.

KinderStart further alleges Google actually rewards many porn sites with high page ranks and claims that a higher page rank equals important high quality websites.

“Please help us fight Google in the courts and in the court of public opinion, so that we may stop Google’s public display of pornographic links, ads and images to our children and young adults,” said Goodman. “We need dollars to fight this ‘evil empire’ that sees no wrong in corrupting our youth. … it must be stopped!”

Ironically, Google’s company motto is “Don’t be evil.”

In “Stop The Presses,” Farah makes what he says is the most definitive moral case against Google, with the following indictments:

  • The company refuses to give the U.S. government records of impersonal data regarding searches that threaten no one, but happily provides information about potential dissidents to the tyrannical, repressive dictators in Beijing.

  • The company disregards commemorations of national American holidays such as Memorial Day, but never forgets to remind users about Halloween and Earth Day.

  • The company has refused to link to some news sources critical of radical Islam, but hosts blogs containing homosexual pornography.

  • The company hosts blogs promoting “boy love” and sexual relationships between men and adolescents, but it refuses to run ads from a Christian ministry to homosexuals.

  • The company’s top executive presides over a business that makes it easy to find out nearly anything about anyone, but protests when people use his service to find out about him.

  • The company has blocked ads attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton, but welcomes ads attacking President Bush and other Republican leaders.

  • The company, apparently in its bid to romance Beijing, wiped Taiwan, an independent and free island nation, off the face of its Internet maps.

  • The company, one of the great free enterprise success stories of the decade, gives nearly all of its political donations to those who seek to rein in and regulate capitalism.

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