Tomorrow, April 28, the March of Dimes will launch its 2007 WalkAmerica fund-raisers around the country.

MOD’s stated mission is “to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality.”

In the interest of full disclosure, MOD should add, “… in politically correct ways.”

MOD has been at odds with the pro-life community since the 1970s for its inexplicable love affair with the pro-death movement in many areas.

One is that MOD turns a blind eye toward the link between induced abortion and premature delivery.

At least 60 studies involving 23 countries over the past 40 years have confirmed with 95 percent confidence, according to researcher Brent Rooney, that there is a significant increase in premature births following induced abortions. One of the most encompassing studies found the risk of subsequent premature deliveries doubled after one abortion.

MOD used to include abortion as a risk, but scan MOD’s list of risks now and note it strangely missing.

And MOD trips over its feigned ignorance, stating:

Prematurity has been escalating steadily and alarmingly over the past two decades. One out of eight babies is born prematurely in the United States. …

Despite decades of research, scientists have not yet developed effective ways to help prevent premature delivery. In fact, the rate of premature birth increased almost 31 percent between 1981 and 2003 (9.4 to 12.3 percent).

MOD does admit “women who have had a previous premature birth” are at risk for subsequent premature deliveries.

Objectively speaking, wouldn’t induced abortion more than qualify as a premature birth? While nature may allow a pregnant mother’s cervix to open prematurely, abortion forces it open.

MOD claims, “MOD policy states that abortion is not the solution to the problem of birth defects. The MOD has long maintained its neutrality on the issue of abortion,” which is to say MOD was opposed to abortion before it went neutral on abortion.

But elsewhere MOD betrays its ambiguous PR attempt. In a fact sheet about fertility treatment and the risks of carrying multiples, MOD states, “The fertility treatment program … should follow the professional and ethical guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. …”

The professional and ethical guidelines of ASRM include testing embryos for defects before implanting them during the in vitro fertilization process and “multifetal pregnancy reduction,” i.e., abortion, when pregnant with two or more babies.

MOD has also conducted at least one workshop on “preimplantation genetic diagnosis” for defective embryos.

So, one way MOD accomplishes its mission statement of “preventing birth defects and infant mortality,” is by destroying preborn humans with birth defects, who incidentally might have grown into infants who died – killing two birds with one stone.

MOD also supports federally funded embryonic stem cell experimentation and itself funds fetal tissue experimentation.

MOD has also given grants to Planned Parenthood, although it says these were not for abortion but for “preconception health services and for prenatal education services.” The term “shell game” comes to mind.

Historically, MOD has been closely tied with the American eugenics movement.

Various MOD leaders have also been linked to the pro-death movement, including former advisory committee member Henry Foster, who admitted committing 700 abortions during hearings as President Clinton’s failed nominee for surgeon general.

Pro-lifers should not contribute to MOD until it disassociates itself from the culture of death, beginning with being honest with women that abortion can cause subsequent premature births.

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