The news of late is filled with headlines about Fred Thompson, even if he says nothing. In fact, it seems that the less he says, the more news there is about him. There is a growing list of groups and prominent people speculating about whether Thompson will run for president of the United States. In some polls, he is the front-runner, even though he is not yet a candidate.

By contrast, when I ran for Congress, the news media ignored my campaign. (Keep in mind that, had I won, I would’ve been Fred Thompson’s representative in Washington … when he’s not living at his other home in New York, that is.) And, the same Nashville news editors that created the “black hole” around my campaign are largely the ones creating the “supernova” around Thompson’s non-campaign.

Does anyone else smell fish?

People at church and on the street have asked me what I think about a Fred Thompson campaign for president. Here’s what I’ve told them and the hosts of several talk-radio programs. I like Fred Thompson. At least, I like the public Fred Thompson that I know about. And I’ve followed politics long enough that I was familiar with him long before I moved to Tennessee in 2001. (Having organized the very first anti-Hillary rally in New York state, three weeks before the start of her so-called “listening tour” in 1999, I was glad to leave that state after she took office in the U.S. Senate.) Fred Thompson has about 85 percent of what I’d like to see in a president. I’m still waiting for a candidate with 100 percent of “the right stuff.” Thompson would make a good president. But, in these troubled times, America needs a great president.

And, there are some growing tremors in the conservative political underground regarding whether Fred Thompson is the man that would represent all of our conservative values. Although I may have been the first to point this out on national talk radio (about a month ago, as a caller on the G. Gordon Liddy show), I’m not the only one to notice that Fred Thompson has two Achilles heels. His two weak spots are actually two sides of the same coin. They are: 1) his vote to expand NAFTA, and 2) his vote to relax the rules on migrant farm workers. In both cases, while a member of the United States Senate, he voted in favor of the globalist position. And, those two were not his only globalist votes.

In other words, it should be just as hard for a pro-borders conservative to vote for Fred Thompson as it should be for an anti-abortion conservative to vote for Rudy Giuliani. (And, given that John McCain is weak on protecting our borders, and on protecting the unborn, it’s hard to picture any true conservative voting for him.) Thompson also voted in favor of the McCain campaign-finance reform laws. Those laws put shackles on grass-roots conservative activism, especially during the last few weeks of an election campaign season. So … why are so many conservatives clamoring for Thompson?

Especially here in Tennessee, a lot of it seems to do with his public persona as a down-home country kinda guy. And, although it sometimes seems that the encyclopedia has Uncle Fred’s photo next to an entry about the phrase “Southern gentleman,” it remains true that Thompson was also a high-priced Washington lobbyist for many years. Although he still has a lot of friends in Lawrenceburg and Nashville, it remains true that most of his time is spent in Manhattan and Hollywood. Although it’s true that Ol’ Fred drove a red pickup truck to campaign appearances when he ran for Al Gore’s vacated seat in the U.S. Senate, it’s also true that Fred only drove that truck a few blocks at a time before it was put on the flatbed hauler until the next campaign speech.

So, just how is it that everything Fred Thompson says lately, and everything he doesn’t say, becomes headline news? How is it that so many country-fried Southerners are swooning over a guy that spends most of his time beneath the skies of New York City? How is it that a man not running for president gets more media attention than all of the people running for president combined? Isn’t that sort of treatment normally reserved only for those that have been pre-anointed, via back-room deals, by the insider globalist elite? Isn’t that how the “lamestream” news media treat the likes of Hillary Clinton? Doesn’t this sort of fawning normally cause conservatives to become immediately suspect of the media’s new darling?

Hmm … Maybe those are some questions worth pondering.

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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. He recently published his first book. Kovach is also an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal and a former talk-radio host. To learn more, visit:

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