WASHINGTON – WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah will deliver the keynote address at “A Night to Honor Israel,” sponsored by the Jerusalem Connection and Christians United for Israel, Sunday, May 20, at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center at the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria.

David Rubin

David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh in Israel, who was seriously wounded, along with his son, by Palestinian terrorists in 2001 will also speak. Rubin founded the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund to help in the rehab of kids traumatized by terrorists. Presidential candidate and Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., will also make remarks.

“We will be celebrating Israel’s 59th birthday with our Jewish friends and acknowledging the relevance of Shavuot for Christian Zionists,” explained James M. Hutchens, president of the Jerusalem Connection. “Shavuot is the time when the book of Ruth is emphasized. Ruth is the proto-type of the non-Jew who pledges unconditional allegiance to Naomi, her Jewish mother-in-law. Ruth is a symbol of the Christian Zionist support for Israel and the Jewish people today.”

Farah, who Al-Jazeera called “the number one Zionist Arab in the world today,” is a former Middle East correspondent. In his new book, “Stop The Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution,” he devotes more than one chapter to media distortions of the Middle East conflict.

Joseph Farah

Farah also writes a daily column for WND and a weekly newspaper column for Creators Syndicate. He is also the founder and co-publisher of WND Books, a publishing venture that has produced several New York Times best sellers in the last five years.

He made a name for himself with traditional daily newspapers prior to his founding of WorldNetDaily – running the Sacramento Union, directing the news operation of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for six years and serving as editor in chief of a group of California dailies and weeklies.

The former nationally syndicated daily talk-show host has written for such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, National Review, TV Guide, Reason, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times and a host of other national, international and regional publications.

He has written or collaborated on more than a dozen others, including Rush Limbaugh’s 1994 No. 1 best seller “See, I Told You So.” His previous book, “Taking America Back,” was first published in 2003 and again in paperback in 2005.

Farah’s many journalism awards include honors for reporting to writing headlines to honesty and courage in journalism to editing and newspaper design. Farah speaks all over the world on topics ranging from the Middle East to the media to domestic policy issues.

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