President Bush insists if we just shut up, blindly listen to him and support his so-called “comprehensive immigration reform plan,” we can solve the problem “once and for all.”

I have a better idea.

Since Bush has, for nearly seven years, deliberately, consciously and overtly refused to uphold his sworn constitutional duty to execute and administer the duly enacted border and immigration laws already on the books, he should be disqualified from participating in any further negotiations regarding new border and immigration laws.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Why would we turn to a scofflaw president, one who, out of some misguided ideological conviction, habitually and repeatedly reneged on his oath of office, with regard to immigration issues, to solve a problem he himself exacerbated beyond anyone’s ability to imagine or comprehend?

I think this is a very important principle upon which all Americans should stand.

On this issue, Bush betrayed America. He undermined the Constitution. He violated his oath of office. He forsook his sworn duty. His reckless policies of non-enforcement of the law of the land contributed massively to the crisis the nation faces.

He must simply not be allowed to participate in creating new laws designed to clean up his own mess.

Bush has no credibility as an executor of immigration and border laws. Why should any thinking American believe he will enforce immigration and border laws in the future when he refused to enforce them in the past.

As president, Bush went further than any of his predecessors in ignoring immigration and border laws. He not only refused to enforce them, he explained to the American people why he wouldn’t. He told us these illegal aliens were needed here for the sake of the U.S. economy and that they would do jobs Americans wouldn’t do.

Are we to believe he has suddenly changed his mind about this? Are we to believe we suddenly have all the illegal foreign workers America could ever need in the future? Are we to believe Bush was just joking around about his justification for non-enforcement for all these years?

No. Bush is irrelevant to the immigration and border debate. He must be if we are to preserve what remains of our sovereign country and common American culture moving forward.

I don’t believe Bush is capable of negotiating immigration and border laws that are in the best interest of Americans. It’s that simple.

Bush’s shamnesty proposal, worked out behind closed doors in the dark of night with Senate negotiators, should be viewed as dead on arrival. Period. End of story. If passed, it would bankrupt this country as well as leave it headed toward multicultural disaster. There are a million reasons to defeat it. And reason No. 1,000,001 is that Bush has his fingerprints on it – Bush supports it.

Just so no one has any illusions any more about immigration and border laws in the future, this should be a litmus test for future bills. If Bush supports it, it’s obviously no good.

Of course, that raises the question of how any bill will be signed into law prior to January 2008.

It doesn’t matter. We don’t need any more immigration and border laws on the books before then because the man sitting in the Oval Office has proven over time he has no intention of enforcing laws that are duly enacted by Congress and in the best interest of the American people.

The problem is not in the laws. The problem is in the man occupying the White House.

The laws currently on the books, if enforced, would solve most of the problems we have with illegal immigration. The problem is one of enforcement.

Passing new laws that will be misused, ignored or abused is hardly an answer.

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