Mr. President, tear down that fence! I’m not talking about the fence around our borders; they never got around to finishing that. I’m talking about the fence around the White House. Hey, if you’re going to lead us to vulnerability, at least lead by example.

And those sharpshooters on the roof? They’re fine. They look all official and everything, but the new immigration-like policy is: They’re not allowed to shoot anyone. And if one of those men in black happen to interfere with someone committing criminal trespass (make that an “undocumented White House visit”) they’ll be in a cell right next to Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who committed the very same crime while patrolling the U.S. border.

In fact, from now on, in accordance with the new “lead by example” amendment to the Senate immigration bill, all trespassers will get instant amnesty for themselves and their families – and be allowed to pitch a tent right there on the White House lawn. Federal courts will also entertain discrimination lawsuits for those who’ve been denied access to the Lincoln Bedroom and whose funds don’t accommodate an office that’s oval.

Oh, and that White House dinner in the State Dining Room? Break out the presidential china all the way back to the Washington administration, because in addition to heads of state, you’re going to have a few (million) more guests. They’d also like a piece of what’s left of the twins’ college fund. We can’t possibly penalize the children of these undocumented tourists.

What about the security risk to the commander in chief? Look, we can’t possibly round up all the people in America who dislike the president. Don’t be na?ve. It’s just not feasible. Quit fear-mongering.

And get Henry Paulson, the secretary of the treasury on the line, we’re going to need to change all our bills and coins. Instead of “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one), they will now read: “Don’t Deport-um, Join-um” (make us one big Mexico). And, while you’re on the phone, you may want to call your brother Jeb (he speaks Spanish, doesn’t he?) because you’re going to need his help translating just to get around.

That’s how I felt when flying into Miami last week. I complimented the little girl next to me on her coloring. She looked at me puzzled until I said one of the few Spanish words I know: “bonita.” I found it ironic that the only other word I recognized on the whole plane ride was voiced during the Spanish “how to buckle your seatbelt” video. It was the name of the airline: American. But even that was said with a Spanish accent.

It was like that throughout the airport when I couldn’t find a single English-speaking person of whom to ask directions. Then, when someone asked directions of me (I assume that’s what they were doing), they were actually upset that I couldn’t understand the language of their Third World city.

Tom Tancredo had it right. In a letter to former Governor Jeb Bush, Tancredo wrote:

Do you not worry that Miami’s “sanctuary city” rules serve as a magnet for illegal aliens and undercut the state’s otherwise sound law enforcement policies? Do you worry that a recent random community survey on “Miami values” found that corruption was listed as the No. 1 “value” by residents?

The only thing worse than flying into Miami is getting lost while driving there. Like the 20,000 residents who flee Miami each year, I try to avoid going there – with all the signs and billboards in Spanish, there was a moment when I wondered if I had enough cash for the police should I get stopped for a traffic violation.

The good news is Tancredo’s doing something about it. His amendment to the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill passed the House on Friday 234-189 to withhold federal emergency-services funding from “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal aliens. A political stunt to gain support in the presidential primary? Hardly – this is the eighth time he’s introduced it.

I love our president, but it seems as if he has lost his way. How I would have loved to see the president on the Hill strong-arming senators to vote for things like … the Marriage Amendment. But he wasn’t passionate about that. How I would have cheered had he exercised his veto on out-of-control spending. But that didn’t happen, either. He’d rather turn his back on 85 percent of his base and the majority of the country to join his father’s “New World Order.” Mr. President? We don’t share your globalist views.

We don’t want a “North American Union”; we want the United States of America.

We want an America that welcomes legal immigrants and helps them to learn our language, our history and our values. We want an America that doesn’t reward lawbreakers. And punish law enforcers. We want an America that decides whom to invite rather than being bullied by those who force their way in. After all, respect for our law when coming to our country is the first sign of whether they’ll respect our laws once they’re here.

Mr. President: You do not have our permission to break the bank to fund the Amexican Dream. Not unless you first lead by example and tear down the White House fence.

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