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Multiculturalism destroys the cultural integrity of a free and democratic society, and that is why the Bush immigration policy is bad news. Unfortunately, liberals would prefer to call people names rather than deal with the facts.

Take, for example, the current immigration debate. The choice of language we use in this situation is interesting. The technical term for people who have come into America without the proper paperwork is “illegal aliens.” It’s a powerful designation.

The notion of an “alien,” aside from the slightly weird connotation about being from outer space, manages to convey that people are not really “at home” in the country where they’re aliens. That’s why they’re “aliens.” They’re “strangers,” in the old King James Bible usage of that word.

But the more powerful word in that phrase is the word “illegal.” They are strangers who are, by their very presence in the country, breaking the law. Nothing could be simpler, more descriptive or more to the point – or more politically incorrect as far as liberals are concerned.

That is why so many liberals in the U.S., including some in the president’s administration, are playing the race card, claiming opposition to the new immigration law amounts to a de facto form of racism.

Unfortunately, these ad homimen attacks won’t help the situation.

The fact is the president’s new policy will hurt America because the notion of the great “melting pot” as the foundation of historic American immigration policy will disappear if the new bill becomes law. In fact, it is fair to say that his policy will do away with America as we know it entirely. And that’s pretty ironic coming from a proud Texan.

In the hands of the illegals, Bush’s new policy will be used against America because instead of coming to America to be American, immigrants will come to America to turn it into Mexico – which begs questions like: Why did they leave Mexico to begin with?

Liberal critics naturally bemoan such “rhetoric,” arguing such criticism is unfair and unfounded – that it is racist. These illegals are coming, we are told, “for a better life. They have come to find work, to find a step up from their old-world impoverishment, and besides, they provide a valuable addition to the labor force.”

Now all of this is probably true, and some of it is even understandable. And I certainly wouldn’t begrudge anyone who wants to turn over a new leaf and make a better life for himself.

But it really does beg the question: As important as the economic implications of a cheap labor force are, is it really worth sacrificing a nation’s cultural institutions and philosophical traditions for cheap labor?

Take Canada, for example. I’m a Canadian, and we don’t have an “illegal alien” problem. However, we suffer from something just as bad – a form of Anglo-Saxon self-hatred. We call it multiculturalism. This is the politically correct way of saying white, English-speaking culture is bad.

Of course, Canadians are too polite to say this, so we state it in the negative. In Canada, multiculturalism means the only thing any culture or religion can’t say is that it is intrinsically, historically or in any objective way superior to any other culture or religion.

This has led to a situation where the Canadian federal government subsidizes new immigrants to retain their old-world culture and customs, and then wonders why the old-world rivalries of Sikhs versus Hindus or Tamils vs. Spaniards keep being played out in Canadian towns and cities.

Here is a little bit of Canadian trivia. Before 9-11, the largest international act of terror originating on North American soil was the Air India bombing over the Irish Sea in 1985, which had its roots in the Sikh/Hindu conflict in India.

The people charged in this case – most of them were acquitted – were models of Canadian multiculturalism; seemingly upstanding members of their Sikh communities on the West Coast, fully Canadian in the politically correct sense of the word, and yet still deeply mired in their old-world conflicts and thought processes. But because Canadians have been taught to “loathe” the Anglo-Saxon heritage, no one dared to mention that multiculturalism had given those old-world rivals a safe house in Canada from which to plan and carry out their terrorism. And that is why to this day hostile forces from alien traditions have been able to flourish in Canada – forces which, in the present context of terrorism and international upheaval, have the potential to threaten America’s survival.

But back to the president. For a man dedicated to protecting America, his immigration policy is troublesome. In fact, it is dangerous to America. It is dangerous because like the Canadian model of multiculturalism, it fails to “assimilate” the immigrants whose values and customs reflect their old world.

If America loses it’s “melting-pot” attitude, not only will America give way to Mexico; the North American continent will give way to alien cultures much more maniacal and much more hostile than Latin America.

So, do all the name calling you want. History will prove me right. Multiculturalism, including the Bush immigration, policy won’t work. In fact, you can bet America and Canada on that.

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Tristan Emmanuel, M.T.S., is the founder and president of ECP Centre – Equipping Christians for the Public-Square. He is the host of “No Apologies,” a weekly web-radio show dedicated to illustrating the absurdity of political correctness, and he is the author of “Christophobia: The Real Reason Behind Hate Crime Legislation” and “Warned: Canada’s Revolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America.” Emmanuel writes as a Christian cultural apologist, defending the need for advocating and living out a comprehensive cultural Christianity today.

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