Mitt Romney has one chance to become president of the United States.

Because of his wealth and his political machine on the ground in early primary states, he has a chance to win the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, picking up momentum that could ultimately deliver him the Republican nomination.

Therefore, consider this an open letter to the good folks of Iowa and New Hampshire: Don’t be fooled by this political chameleon, this charlatan, this pretender to the throne.

He’s as phony as a three-dollar campaign promise.

Romney has tried to “re-invent” himself as a presidential candidate following his years as governor of Massachusetts. But when a politician has a record of governance by which to judge him, as Romney does, that should serve as the real test of values, beliefs and abilities – not empty words that actually contradict his actions.

For instance, Romney today claims to be pro-life. Yet he ran for governor as a staunch supporter of abortion on demand.

He claims today to be a supporter of traditional marriage and an opponent of same-sex marriage. Yet, as governor of Massachusetts, he did more than any other person alive in the United States to ensure same-sex marriage would be the law of the land in his state.


When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the state Legislature to write a new law permitting same-sex marriages, Romney, the governor, the chief executive of the state’s government, fell all over himself to do something that was not required of him – issuing homosexual marriage licenses.

Not only did this action reveal his gutlessness and lack of knowledge of the separation of powers in our system of government, it also suggests he is merely masquerading as someone committed to defending marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.

Then there is another key constitutional issue – a real litmus test for anyone who claims to support freedom.

Today he claims to be a champion of the Second Amendment, a proud member of the National Rifle Association. Yet, he supported President Clinton’s draconian 1994 gun ban, boasting to the Boston Herald: “That’s not going to make me the hero of the NRA. I don’t line up with a lot of special interest groups.”

More recently, just five years ago, as governor he signed into law what is described by some as one of the toughest assault-weapons laws in the country.

Romney is one of those politicians – not unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband – who will do anything and say anything to get elected. That’s what certain politicians believe is more important than principle – getting themselves elected.

There’s no question he’s ambitious. But his ambition to become president is based on his ability to fool the electorate, particularly Republican voters, into believing he is something he is not.

If President George W. Bush set back the Republican Party years, perhaps decades, a politician like Romney, an empty suit with lots of money and good looks, could prove to be the death of the GOP if he should ever be elected president.

Today I pledge earnestly and without reservation that I will not vote for Romney under any circumstances, no matter who his opponent might be. That’s how bad he is. That’s how unacceptable he is as a presidential candidate.

I strongly urge the American electorate, especially the key voters in New Hampshire and Iowa, to take that pledge with me.

I know the pickings are slim among the leading Republican candidates for president.

I know the best and most qualified men running – people like Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter – have not made significant showings in the polls.

I know Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are both equally unacceptable as alternatives.

New Hampshire voters and Iowa Republican activists have a special responsibility to make wise choices. Their decisions can have profound impact on the choices the rest of us have in 2008.

Don’t be fooled by Mitt Romney.

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