Mayor Jim Naugle is right. That’s why I presented him with the “Protector of the Family” award this week.

Faith2Action President Janet Folger presents Mayor James Naugle with the “Protector of the Family Award” for his “courageous defense of children and the laws of decency in the face of hostility.”

What isn’t right is for his stand against illegal public sex and homosexual porn in the public libraries, he’s being targeted, picketed and asked to resign.

Instead of asking whether the laws against sex in the public restroom should be obeyed (as the mayor and the people of Fort Lauderdale would like) The Sun Sentinel, a pawn for the homosexual lobby, asked if the mayor should resign for his stand against this illegal activity. He also voted against pornography in the public libraries. And for that, he’s being protested against at Fort Lauderdale City Hall today.

Mayor Naugle has also come under fire for saying “Rev. D. James Kennedy is a great man.” He was right about that, too. And as Dr. Kennedy stood with Anita Bryant when she was railroaded by the homosexual lobby, we stand with Mayor Naugle now.

I thank God for this mayor who is sticking up for children who, after playing a game of soccer, may wander 50 feet into the library to ask the following questions:

    Q: “Mommy?” Why is that part of our library closed off?

    A: Well, Johnny, Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Cindi Hutchinson, Charlotte E. Rodstrom, and Carlton B. Moore voted to take out the books that everybody can read and replace them with homosexual pornography. (Call them at 954-828-5004)

    Q: Mommy? What’s homosexual pornography?

    A: It’s what you saw in the public restroom earlier.

    Q: Mommy? Why are those people so angry at the nice mayor?

    A: Because he wants to protect you from all of it.

Romney Rogers, past president of the greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, in a letter to City Commissioners Hutchinson, Rodstrom, and Moore, stated: “If this material was being offered for sale it could not legally be housed in this location. Since Holiday Park and residentially zoned property is within 500 feet of the library, City Ordinance C-04-55 would prohibit it. The fact that it can be viewed for free makes the situation worse.”

It used to be that people would picket those seedy porn theaters. Now we invite them into the public libraries and picket those who try and stop them. Only Mayor Jim Naugle and Commissioner Christine Teel voted against library porn. You can e-mail them a note of thanks by clicking their name.

But first, I have some questions of my own.

    Q: Why do they arrest the Gideons for handing out Bibles on the Florida public sidewalk and, yet, give the homosexuals their own section in the public library for gay porn?

    Q: What would happen if we tried to put a nativity scene on that public property? Would they even let those who are 18 and older see it?

    Q: If homosexuals aren’t having illegal sex in the public restrooms why are they so upset about a mayor trying to stop it?

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, president of National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, reports the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation have joined together to fight what they describe as “archaic” laws prohibiting public sex in restrooms and parks. As far as I know, they won’t be wearing yellow T-shirts outside city hall this afternoon, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The problem is worse than they are willing to admit, and it’s not just in Fort Lauderdale.

You can see it on their “cruising” websites. Atlanta police made 30 arrests in three months, in the Hartsfield airport restrooms, without even targeting it. But the message was sent. A homosexual website that had previously listed this airport restroom in personal ads, changed their tune after the arrests:

Do NOT do anything at the airport. If you want to hook up, do it outside the airport! Have fun, but be smart about it. It’s not worth going to jail for the night and having your face put on the news.

What do you know? The mayor is right. Enforcing the law changes behavior.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle is right. I not only stand by him. I want to see him run for governor and then for president.

Hear the mayor on my Faith2Action radio program or at the Faith2Action website.

Special note: In the original version of this column, there was a sentence where I referred to some research conducted by a Dr. E. Fields.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Fields subscribes to a number of racist views of which our Faith2Action ministry was unaware. The research had been previously cited by some seemingly unchallenged sources, which I’m sure were also unaware of his racist views and writings.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake. As Christians, we disavow all racism as sinful and would never knowingly promote an advocate of racism.

Faith2Action maintains that the problem of sex in public restrooms is a very serious one that Fort Lauderdale and other cities have every right and duty to confront. In the future, however, we will not refer to any research by Dr. Fields.

We will continue to alert the nation to this reckless, immoral behavior that puts families, children and unknowing spouses at risk.

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