Les Kinsolving

Tony Snow

WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving is returning to the presidential press briefings this week after a one-on-one conference with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow – ending Kinsolving’s “boycott” of the daily press sessions brought on by what he considered Snow’s disrespectful treatment of him.

Kinsolving and WND editor and CEO Joseph Farah decided two weeks ago that Kinsolving should stop attending the briefings after Snow refused to take his questions during three out of four sessions and then issued a public “rebuke.”

Kinsolving and Snow reached an agreement during a phone conversation, after which an aide to Snow told Farah “Tony is very fond of Les and holds him in high personal regard.”

Farah decided Kinsolving – a veteran newsman who has been part of the elite White House press corps since 1973, during the administration of Richard Nixon – should resume his coverage of the White House for WND.

In addition to his lengthy service in covering the White House, Kinsolving is distinguished by the fact that he is the only talk-radio host in the presidential press corps.

He has dealt with 12 previous White House press secretaries – as a one-time nationally syndicated columnist for 250 newspapers, two of which, in San Francisco, nominated him for the Pulitzer Prize.

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