In this political season, it is always important to remember the Democrats have controlled Congress for 41 of the last 53 years.

During that same time, they controlled the White House 26 of 53 years.

Yet they never seem to accomplish what they promise to their constituents – the elimination of poverty and homelessness, a more humane and just society, and peace with our neighbors around the world.

Once again, we have three leading contenders for the presidency promising the sun, the moon and the sky – free health care, free babysitting and a new war on poverty.

Nevertheless, as radical as these ideas might be to many Americans, they are positively tame by comparison to what socialists in other countries are proposing for their constituents.

Therefore, I think it’s time to ask the Democrat presidential candidates some a key question: “Back in 1972, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. George McGovern proposed a $6,500 guaranteed minimum income for all Americans. Since then, Democrats have pushed up the minimum wage, but never again addressed this issue of a guaranteed minimum income for all Americans. Thirty-six years later, what are your views of such a proposal? Is America ready for a guaranteed minimum income provided by the federal government?”

I don’t want to put ideas in their wacky heads, but it’s time to smoke out the socialists – get them to admit what they are and where they really want to take America.

They might deny such a plan. They might obfuscate. They might spin.

But it’s worth a try.

McGovern’s plan contributed to the biggest electoral defeat in American history. He lost even his home state of South Dakota, carrying only Massachusetts.

It seems to me the Democrats are downright stingy. They push up the minimum wage by 50 cents every few years, always insisting it should be higher still. Why not challenge them to tell us what the dream minimum wage should be? Let’s find out their ultimate goals – not just their plans for the immediate future.

What does an ideal America look like to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards?

Would they, for instance, favor a death tax that would seize all property worth more than, say, $1 million? Wouldn’t that be a great way to redistribute wealth more fairly and justly? After all, descendants don’t earn inheritances.

I wonder how that one would fly.

In other words, what I am proposing is a series of questions designed to establish the candidates’ real ideology and worldview.

Already, in case you didn’t know it, underdog Democrat Mike Gravel is proposing the minimum income – though his proposal of $5,000 is stingier than McGovern’s of 35 years ago. Brazil is already well on the way to establishing such a system. Portugal guaranteed it in 1997. It’s the official position of the Canadian Action Party, the Scottish National Party and the New Zealand Democratic Party.

So what’s wrong with Democrats in this country?

Why are they being so reactionary?

Why do they insist on holding out on so many of their constituents?

How long will it take them to achieve their stated goals with such a penny ante approach to redistribution of wealth?

If heath insurance is, as they insist, a universal right, isn’t food? Isn’t shelter? Isn’t clothing? Why are there no proposals being made to ensure all Americans can get free food, free housing and free clothing among other essentials?

If you get a chance – at a town hall meeting or at a future debate – ask the Democrats the ultimate question: Are you now or have you ever been for a guaranteed minimum income? If not, why not?

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