When I proposed adopting a national deterrent policy against nuclear terrorism, I knew it would upset some people.

There are some understandable reasons:

(A) No one really wants to consider the distinct possibility – some would say probability – of a nuclear terrorist attack on America.

(B) Few in the American body politick today can conceive of any circumstance in which they would unleash the deadly force of nuclear weapons again.

(C) Many Americans think that a nuclear deterrent policy, one in which we let the enemy know what’s coming in a worst-case scenario, is immoral because it sounds like anyone proposing it is calling for the deaths of millions.

(D) Most Americans have already forgotten Sept. 11, 2001, or, six years later, consider it a one-of-a-kind event that will never be repeated, certainly not on an even grander scale.

(E) Some people, perhaps superstitiously, believe talking about horrible possibilities and scenarios and planning for them make them more likely to happen.

Nevertheless, talk about them and plan for them we must.

Here is something I would like you to consider: In the event of a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S., we ARE going to retaliate against someone. That you can take to the bank. I guarantee it.

The people will demand it.

No politician in the White House – not Hillary, not Obama, not even Edwards the wimp – will be willing to explain to the American people why no one is going to pay for such an attack.

Even those calling me a lunatic and questioning my commitment to God for suggesting we adopt a national policy of deterrence will be demanding such action when their loved ones and family members are incinerated or when their children and grandchildren are dying of radiation poisoning.

Trust me on this. Use your head. Watch some past episodes of “24” if you don’t have any imagination!

So, what I am proposing when I advocate an American national policy of nuclear response to a nuclear terrorist attack is perfectly sensible. We all know such attacks MUST be met with nuclear responses. Since we’re going to do it anyway, why not make it an open national policy and possibly prevent the attack from taking place?

I would suggest even talking about this gives our enemies something to think about.

I don’t believe all these jihadist leaders actually welcome their own deaths. Yes, they gladly sacrifice children and recruit suicide bombers by telling them they will meet 72 virgins in paradise. But they don’t believe it. After all, there’s nothing about 72 virgins in the Quran!

If Osama bin Laden welcomed his own death, he wouldn’t be hiding in a cave in Pakistan – and he’d get off dialysis.

If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad welcomed his own death, he would go out and meet some of his own unhappy people in the streets of Tehran.

If the leader of Hezbollah welcomed his own death, he would have simply announced his whereabouts to the Israeli air force during the last war in Lebanon.

These people don’t want to die.

They want to win.

They need to know they can’t win – not by demoralizing America with a nuclear attack that kills hundreds of thousands.

They need to know they will pay an even bigger price.

That’s the way deterrence works. It has worked throughout human history – long before there were nuclear weapons. And it will work again in the future if we give it a chance.

But, right now, without an American national policy of deterrence in place, terrorists will be more willing to take chances. They may think Americans are too soft to respond. They may take comfort in what they see as our weakness.

There is no room for error when the stakes are this high.

It’s time to let the whole world know what will happen if, God forbid, America is ever victimized by a nuclear terrorist attack.

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