A few months ago, the national media coverage of the war in Iraq was downright depressing for military families and their supporters.

News media coverage of Iraq was showcasing acts of violence on a nightly basis. Television commentators solemnly assured us that Iraq was a hopeless cause and was already consumed by a full-blown civil war. Anti-military protesters were waging constant protests here on the home front, throwing red paint at veterans’ memorials and military recruitment centers.

But now things are changing in a big way.

I am in a unique position to share some of my insider secrets from the efforts of pro-troop supporters to fight back. And it’s really cool.

We’re organized, we’re motivated, the checkbooks are starting to open up, and we are already changing the nature of debate in this country regarding the war on terror. The polls show that support for keeping our troops in place until we can leave in victory is surging upwards. People understand that armchair generals like Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t be micro-managing our war efforts. The guys with lettuce on their shoulders are already in charge of that job.

In the largest effort of its kind since Operation Iraqi Freedom began, pro-troop supporters are now working together to beat back the voices of defeat and surrender. This week, we saw the first public display of behind-the-scenes activities that have gone under radar for the past several weeks.


Dozens of groups, opinion shapers, talk-show hosts, grass-roots conservatives and others are getting it – al-Qaida isn’t the enemy we have to worry about the most; our troops can handle those guys with their lethal determination.

The most dangerous enemies are here at home, those deliberately plotting to undermine support for the missions of our troops. This fifth column in America has engaged in the psychological warfare of defeatism in a way we have not seen since the Vietnam War. Even President Bush is now acknowledging that fact.

The pro-victory group Freedom’s Watch unveiled a $15 million television and radio ad campaign featuring compelling first-hand testimonials from people who understand quite clearly that “SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION.” (You can watch the ads online).

It’s not as much as George Soros and the Hollywood liberals who contribute to the network of left-wing extremists, but it’s a good start.

I’ve been working with a broad array of pro-troop advocates to help make such efforts as the “Freedom’s Watch” ad buy a reality. As the chairman of Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, I’ve been honored to work (conspire, if you are a anti-war liberal reading this column) with a coalition of pro-troop and veterans organizations that believe in peace through strength, and who also support victory for our troops.

During our planning meetings of this [cabal of supporters of this supposed illegal war based on lies], I’ve been impressed by the determination of the pro-troop movement to not cede any battlefield in the war for hearts and minds.

For too long we were unhappily silent while the likes of MoveOn.org, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq and CodePink were grabbing media headlines for their antics.

Perhaps that’s why I can report to you (with absolute moral authority) that unlike those in the anti-victory movement, who have been mired with dissension and infighting, there’s been very little discord in the ranks of the pro-troop camp. Oh sure, there’s an occasional clash of personalities and those individuals who want it their way or no way, but these instances have been the rare exception, not the rule.

That’s because at the end of the day our egos stop where our national security begins. We understand the importance of our troops’ missions in Iraq. We recognize the consequences of handing al-Qaida a victory in Iraq, and letting the Middle East become a playground for terrorists.

We know that if al-Qaida wins, we’ll be hit with deadly terrorist attacks in this country, and the countries of our allies, over and over again.

The anti-victory/anti-military/anti-American/anti-everything coalition of liberal Democrats and Green Party members do not have a unifying theme other than what they’re against. That’s led to vicious infighting between the leaders of the anti-victory organizations that has spilled out into public view.

As Ann Coulter recently noted, there’s a colorful recent history of anti-war activists eating their own for, what else, political gain.

Another example: Cindy Sheehan, grieving mother turned professional America-basher is transforming yet again. Having previously earned the marquee role as the star of the left’s anti-war movement and leading candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, she’s now been recast. Today Democratic Party activists deride Sheehan as a has-been, the object of so much derision after she announced plans to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan’s legacy, Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, is as forlorn and pitiful as the two lone anti-war protesters who are all that remain of the once formidable army of activists. As the Washington Post points out, one of the last holdouts is Sonny, the dog. Including the dog in their counts allow the anti-war crowd to claim their numbers have doubled!

Contrast that to what you’ll see next month when an array of pro-troop and veterans organizations fight back like you’ve never seen before. We’re putting America on notice that victory is the only option. But the anti-war politicians are already starting to come up with mealy-mouth “compromise” solutions. You cannot compromise with terrorists. Their negotiation strategies usually end with human body parts flying through the air as a result of an IED explosion or the self-detonation of a suicide bomber in a hotel or restaurant.

Join Move America Forward’s national cross-country caravan – the “Fight for Victory Tour.” Get in your car and drive with us for either all or part of the caravan route, or just join us for one of our 27 pro-troop rallies along the way.

On Sept. 15, veterans and pro-troop organizations are uniting together for “The Gathering Of Eagles” – an event that organizers hope to be one of the largest pro-troop/pro-veterans rallies in recent history.

Help Vets for Freedom as they mobilize veterans of the war on terror, and their supporters, for a giant show of support on Capitol Hill Sept. 17-18. They also have some outstanding ads featuring Iraq war veterans. Find complete details on the group’s website.

And from Sept. 16-19, Families United for Our Troops And Their Missions will have 600 military families, including those who lost a loved one in the war on terror, meeting with leading officials in Washington. You can support them online.

Pssst. You are now officially a member of the Insider War Room.

Pass along the details of the upcoming events I’ve shared with you here. Just be sure not to let the lefties know. It’s our little secret, and you know how bad liberals are at keeping important secrets in a time of war.

Just read the New York Times if you don’t know what I mean.

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