The rave reviews of Joseph Farah’s “Stop the Presses!” continue even as the book about the rise of the New Media rises itself among all recent media titles.

James A. Cox, editor-in-chief of the Midwest Book Review, had this to say about the book: “‘Stop the Presses!’ is very much the embodiment of Farah’s personal point of view, and Farah vehemently expresses his opinions – from why he thinks Al Gore is ‘one coconut short of a pina colada’ (one chapter tells how WorldNetDaily contributed to Gore’s 2000 electoral defeat by running a story linking Al Gore to alleged corruptions and charges involving his elderly uncle) to why he loathes Google as immoral even as he uses it daily (he particularly blasts Google for bowing to the Chinese government’s censorship demands). Running parallel to the personal invectives is a fascinating history of the rise of modern alternative media in general and in particular, as witnessed by an insider. Farah’s overall message of the importance of a moral compass in journalism, as well as objectivity, is certain to resonate with the reader regardless of individual political leanings. Highly recommended for its up-close and personal examination of the new media.”

Meanwhile, “Stop the Presses!” has been among the bestsellers among media books since its release.

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