At FOB Corregidor, just outside of Ramadi, I was working on an article in a room filled with soldiers of the 1-9 infantry unit out of Fort Carson, as Army Specialist Stephen Kohn yelled, “Petraeus is going to give his speech to Congress, if you want to see it.” Several soldiers looked up from their screens where they had been instant messaging people back home or updating their Myspace profiles. When they realized Kohn said “Congress” after Petraeus, no one bothered to move toward the television set, and after seeing Democrats question the general in charge of the effort in Iraq, I can’t blame them.

Democrats are desperate for definite defeat, and there’s no one who knows more about losing big than former Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. At Camp Fallujah, I saw a table of Marines hiss when the senator appeared on the screen. Soldiers in Baghdad were more subdued; they mostly ignored Kerry when he showed up at a military dinning facility.

But politics is a brutal sport, especially when you’re not rooting for the home team to win; unless, of course, you’re this cycle’s Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. Edwards will tell anyone who listens that the War on Terror is “just a bumper sticker,” which will be news to those people who spent all that money on yellow ribbons.

Sen. John Kerry alone in a room filled with servicemen in Baghdad, Iraq.

Sen. Chuck Schumer knows about national security and is a specialist in tribal Sunni relations with an emphasis on the Anbar province of Iraq. Despite never actually visiting the region, he declared that tribal leaders secured Anbar on their own “despite the incompetence of the American military.” This will come as a surprise to the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines and 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, both of whom have risked their lives (and some have lost them) to protect the citizens of Ramadi while simultaneously training Iraqi troops and police forces so that they could “protect themselves.” Asking for an apology from the senator of New York is like trying to convince a cocky alcoholic he shouldn’t drive after drinking. The senator is feeling immune to political danger since the hardcore liberals may just give him more money for his “military acumen.”

It’s great to be skeptical and the military should always have oversight, but these Democrats are more hostile toward an American general than they are toward the top-10 video artist Osama bin Laden. Was I the only one who thought “the evil one” sounded disappointed in the Democratic Party?

Tom Lantos, a man who unfortunately represents my half of California in the 12th Congressional District, by way of Budapest, Hungary, was also disappointing. This pro-medical marijuana Magyar related to Paris Hilton through marriage shares the heiress’ fickle attitude for shopping, since he believes the Petraeus report is like a fashionable outfit he can “buy” and take back if it doesn’t fit his political agenda – just as long as the tag is still attached.

I’m not sure what military experience Lantos acquired fleeing the Nazis, but he did propose a “diplomacy surge.” Ever notice no one has suggested a “diplomacy surge” to deal with the violence in Darfur? Speaking of the Dark Continent, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama is down with Lantos for the same program: “No military surge can succeed without political reconciliation and a surge of diplomacy in Iraq and the region.” This is a man who will talk to any hostile foreign head-of-state, but refuses to speak with Fox News, so I have to kind of wonder where he draws the line on diplomacy. crossed the line with an expensive full-page ad to call Petraeus a traitor. This cyber clearinghouse for donated funds has money to spend and is very influential in backing the next presidential candidate; just ask Howard Dean who they thought would make a swell president.

Rep. Solomon Ortiz of Texas’ 27th district and a former soldier may have made sense, but to be honest, I couldn’t understand his Spanish.

The only intelligent liberal was a middle-aged woman in the audience who got up to frantically shout, “We are killing Iraqis!” Apparently, she gets her intelligence from the same source as gulag public affairs official and Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin. The woman was led out by a couple of guards, but at least we could tell she was sincere about who she was – she wore an upside-down American flag with what looked to be blood stains across it. Of course, I am not entirely sure she was a Democrat, but I could still hear her complaining even after they took her out of the room, so she does possess the Democrat skill-set: a developed loud shrilly whine focused through plenty of righteous indignation.

Ted Kennedy, senator of Massachusetts, said, “Americans are being held hostage, especially the American military.” But not in the MWR recreation room. In less time than it took for a Democratic interrogator to call a four-star general a liar, even the ping-pong players had left the room.

The more childish Democrats get, the more Republicans have to act like adults and insist someone does the right thing – face reality. Petraeus gave a stunning report, better than I had hoped for. The general backed the surge and said it is working, but when Democrats are wedded to defeat, divorce is nowhere on the horizon.

As Petraeus and Crocker, two men with long careers, much of which have been spent in Iraq, gave professional assessments of what’s going on, a disgusted Specialist Kohn, on his second tour in Anbar, said, “Democrats can’t wait to lose; it’s just too easy.”


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Matt Sanchez, originally from California, is a New York City-based writer currently embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq. His work has appeared in the New York Post, National Review and the Weekly Standard.

A corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and a student at Columbia University where he’s working on degree in American Studies, Sanchez says his mission in Iraq is “to report on the stories that matter the most, first-person accounts by the men and women on the ground.” His blog,, chronicles his work.

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