WASHINGTON – What happens when a gang of terrorists, armed to the teeth, attacks a church full of defenseless Christians?

It happened in South Africa. But the terrorists were in for a surprise.

One of those churchgoers was carrying a handgun – and, when he witnessed the carnage all around him, decided he had to shoot back.

This incredible story, recounted in the book “Shooting Back” by Charl van Wyk, the armed Christian who uses his personal story in the first-ever exploration of the biblical case for armed self-defense, has now been translated into a video documentary – the first ever produced by WND’s new film division.

Shooting Back video:

Van Wyk drove the terrorists away. They weren’t expecting opposition at a Sunday church service. Later, they explained their plans were to kill every single person in the sanctuary.

Van Wyk was just an ordinary Christian man until July 25, 1993 – the day that would become known in South Africa as the St. James Massacre. It was on this date that van Wyk shot back at the terrorists who were attacking an innocent congregation gathered in prayer and saved many lives in the process.

More than just a remarkable story of courage under fire, “Shooting Back” deals forthrightly with the consequences of his actions that day, while addressing the concerns that plague so many God-fearing people in these lawless times:


  • Should we carry arms?


  • When is it appropriate to defend ourselves and our families?


  • What can we do when our God-given right to self-defense is legislated away from us?

In “Shooting Back,” Van Wyk tackles these difficult questions, using the light of Scripture and insights from his own experience to make the case for self-defense.

Now, for the first time ever on video, Charl van Wyk tells his story. The documentary also features interviews with Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt and a final message by WND founder Joseph Farah, who produced this first video presentation for WND Films.

Earlier this year, WND Books published for the first time in North America Charl van Wyk’s literary version of the story – a biblical case for the right and duty of armed self-defense wrapped in a unique and personal account of what it’s like to come face to face with an opportunity to exercise that right and duty.

“If you haven’t read Charl van Wyk’s ‘Shooting Back,’ do yourself a favor and get it today,” says Farah. “You will want to buy multiple copies and distribute them to your friends. And, while you’re at it, take advantage of the opportunity to see this powerful new video documentary in which van Wyk tells his story.”


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