Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox last night on CNN

WASHINGTON – Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox is making no secret of his desire to promote a “North American Union” to compete economically with Europe and the Far East.

In a promotional tour for his new book, “Revolution of Hope,” Fox told NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” audience: “That’s part of my Americas dream, that we can build our future together. We are partners with United States and Canada through NAFTA. There are other blocs in Latin America, but at the very end a continental trade agreement and union on the long term would be a way to develop ourselves and to be able to have the standards and level of living that we all need.”

Fox shocked many in the U.S. earlier in the week when he told CNN’s Larry King that he and President Bush had agreed to work toward a common currency not only for North America but for Latin America as well.

It was possibly the first time a top official of Mexico, Canada or the U.S. openly confirmed a plan for a regional currency. Fox explained the current regional trade agreement that encompasses the Western Hemisphere is intended to evolve into other previously hidden aspects of integration.

According to a transcript published by CNN, King, near the end of the broadcast, asked Fox a question e-mailed from a listener.

“Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?”

Fox answered in the affirmative, indicating it was a long-term plan. He admitted he and President Bush had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas – a free-trade zone extending throughout the Western Hemisphere, suggesting part of the plan was to institute eventually a regional currency.

“Long term, very long term,” he said. “What we proposed together, President Bush and myself, it’s ALCA, which is a trade union for all the Americas.”

ALCA is the acronym for the Area de Libre Comercio de las Am?ricas, the name of the FTAA in Spanish.

King, evidently startled by Fox’s revelation of the currency, asked pointedly, “It’s going to be like the euro dollar (sic), you mean?”

“Well, that would be long, long term,” Fox repeated.

Fox noted the FTAA plan had been thwarted by Hugo Chavez, the radical socialist president of Venezuela.

“Everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came,” Fox commented. “He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea.”

Fox explained that he and Bush intended to proceed incrementally, establishing FTAA as an economic agreement first and waiting to create an amero-type currency later – a plan he also suggested was in place for NAFTA itself.

“I think the process to go, first step is trading agreement,” Fox said. “And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.”

When asked by WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving about plans for the new currency, sometimes referred to as the amero, White House press secretary Dana Perino said she was not aware of any such efforts.

On the NPR program, host Neal Conan asked Fox: “You have called for much freer movement of labor. In fact, you’ve argued for a North American Union down the road. But a North American Union that would unite Canada, Mexico and the United States as an economic unit to compete with the European Union and with the tigers of the Far East.”

Fox answered affirmatively and added: “And I also speak about the immigration policies here in the United States and the need to pace the issue, the need to debate the issue, and the need to fulfill those empty spaces that are being filled by the xenophobic, by those who are guided by fear, and that’s what I notice in this nation. And its stand and we sit down and we look at the future with this vision. I don’t think building walls is the answer to the problem. I love this land. I love America. I love the United States.”

The issue of a unified currency is one discussed in “The Late Great USA,” and recently, WND reported BankIntroductions.com, a Canadian company that specializes in global banking strategies and currency consulting, is advising clients the amero may be the currency of North America within 10 years.

Coin designer Daniel Carr has issued for sale a series of private-issue fantasy pattern amero coins that have drawn attention on the Internet.

WND also reported the African Union is moving down the path of regional economic integration, with the African Central Bank planning to create the “Gold Mandela” as a single African continental currency by 2010.

The Council on Foreign Relations has supported regional and global currencies designed to replace nationally issued currencies.

WND also has reported a continued slide in the value of the dollar on world currency markets could set up conditions in which the adoption of the amero as a North American currency gains momentum.

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