The recent highly publicized photos and video of San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer serving Communion to two flamboyantly dressed members of the anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” was no happenstance.

And soon the shocking images will be on their way to the Vatican for any Catholic leaders who have not yet seen them.

“I am the gentleman responsible for the filming of the whole thing,” Anthony Gonzales, chief of the St. Joseph’s Men Society, told WND shortly after the first round of publicity over the photos and video. “I sent one of my men to film this.”

Two “sisters” at Holy Redeemer church in San Franscico

Gonzales said he knew the archbishop was going to the parish in the heart of the homosexual street fair to “be part of the celebration of their lifestyle, and we were waiting to see what he was going to do and how he was going to do it.”

And the reason?

“We can’t even take our children to Mass anymore. We can’t even go to our churches,” he said. “We finally got to the point, and said, ‘Hey, look, we can’t take this anymore.’

“We want the Roman Catholic faithful to return, and are sick and tired of having to deal with men who are faithless, who are our leaders,” Gonzales said. “They come into positions of power because of other homosexuals, or at least are promoting them into positions of power.

“We want to keep the fires burning. This guy has to know he can’t continue to get away with his actions. He’s played dumb before,” he said. “He says, ‘I guess I made a mistake.’ So he always makes these mistakes!

“He says he didn’t recognize two gay men dressed in drag coming up to receive Communion in clown makeup!” Gonzales exclaimed.

The incident was publicized with the men’s group video on the Catholic blogsite Quamdiu Domine.

The archbishop, in a diocese newspaper editorial, apologized for serving the two “Sisters,” explaining he didn’t recognize who they were.

‘Sisters’ receiving Communion

He described the Oct. 7 event as routine.

“The congregation was devout, and the liturgy was celebrated with reverence. I noticed no demonstration, no protest, no disruption of the Eucharist,” he wrote.

“At Communion time, toward the end of the line, two strangely dressed persons came to receive Communion. As I recall one of them wore a large flowered hat or garland. I did not recognize either of them as wearing mock religious garb,” he said.

“Afterward it was made clear to me that these two people were members of the organization ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,’ who have long made a practice of mocking the Catholic Church in general and religious women in particular,” he said.

“Although I had often seen photographs of members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I had never encountered them in person until October 7th. I did not recognize who these people were when they approached me. After the event, I realized that they were members of this particular organization and that giving them Holy Communion had been a mistake. I apologize to the Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and to Catholics at large for doing so,” he said.

But Gonzales and several other activists who contacted WND said such “incidents” long have been occurring at the church, and it’s likely that the archbishop knew about them. So now is time for action, they told WND.

“We are going to be submitting all of this information to Rome, getting it into the right hands,” Gonzales said. “I believe that he is constantly a proponent of homosexuals.”

Archdiocese spokesman Maurice Healy told WND that Niederauer does not know the membership of that particular church.

“There’s a lot of people who are upset. I think we’re equally upset,” he said. But the archbishop has a policy of reaching out to “those people.”

Gonzales disagreed.

“They don’t reach out to that community to call for repentance and healing and their reconciliation with Christ. They say, ‘This is your lifestyle and we are here to give you approbation.'”

Gonzales, a theologian, said a compilation of documentation will be forwarded to Rome within the next few days.

“We’re also composing a letter to Neiderauer asking him to excommunicate the group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, so that this mistake cannot happen again. And we’re asking him to excommunicate (San Francisco Mayor)Gavin Newsom and (U.S. House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi for not adhering to Catholic doctrine on same-sex relationships and abortion.”

The incident with the “Sisters” was just the final straw, Gonzales said. He said just last fall the pastor of Holy Redeemer gave the “Sisters” permission to run a bingo operation at the church hall. Healy said the archdiocese wasn’t aware of what was going on, and when it found out, it ordered it stopped.

But other activists told WND they have been notifying the church archdiocese of their objections to such issues regularly. One such case was a recent “Drag Queen Calendar Nite” at the church. Those who objected notified the church office of their concerns before the event but apparently were ignored since it was held anyway.

“I had hoped that after the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s obscene and perverted monthly bingo nights (supplying male sex toys for prizes) had been stopped that this type of activity was no longer going to be a problem there. Obviously not,” one wrote in an e-mail to the church.

On the Catholic Blog, participants listed some of the documentation being prepared for Rome’s attention.

The information includes a video advertisement for the “Sisters’ Revival Bingo,” where one winner boasts of getting “more gay porn than most young boys have” and organizers boast of “spanking” participants.

Also assembled was documentation from Americans for Truth about the church’s repeated sponsorship of booths and other entries in the various San Francisco “gay” festivals, such as the recent Folsom Street Fair, on which WND reported.

‘Sisters’ receiving Communion

Niederauer also said he’s pleased the activists cited his opinion that the “gay”-themed “Brokeback Mountain” is “very powerful” and his endorsement of a plan to have Catholic adoption agencies refer babies for adoption by homosexuals.

The activists also cite X-rated YouTube videos that feature the same “Sisters” who organized the drag queen event. One of the less offensive has one of the bingo organizers, named “Heklina,” singing about “taking a young handsome boy out for luncheon…”

One activist who requested anonymity wrote: “The [archbishop] issued an apology, but, if he’s sincere about it, he’ll issue a press release to publicly excommunicate the organization and the members, so that no priest or pastor in his diocese has any trouble deciding what to do.”

Allyson Smith, an analyst for Americans for Truth, noted the Catholic Church believes Communion involves the actual “body and blood of Jesus Christ,” and such participation by the “twisted ‘sisters'” is offensive to many.

Her opinions were echoed abundantly on a response section to the California Catholic News story about the situation:

  • “May God have mercy on his soul.”

  • “We need to bulldoze to the ground every Catholic Church in S.F. and send these left handed Catholics to the Masonic lodge where they truly belong. Let Satan put up with them.”

  • “Blasphemy.”

  • “You could say the Archbishop has a ‘wide stance’ toward perversion-enthusiasts in the church.”

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