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'Barbecued baby' freaks neighbors

A Halloween display with gruesome images of human decapitation and a baby being grilled on a barbecue has some Ohio residents horrified.

A baby doll roasting on a barbecue has some residents of West Chester, Ohio, horrified about a Halloween display (WLWT-TV)

Starr Chesebrough and his girlfriend, Laurie Brown, of West Chester, Ohio, are responsible for the display, which has led to numerous complaints to police and zoning officials.

Video of local television news coverage has been posted online at Breitbart.tv.

“Having a baby in a grill, that’s kind of vulgar,” one area resident told Cincinnati’s WLWT-TV.

Another said, “You’ve got to think about what the kids’ reactions are gonna be to that. How do you explain that to a little child?”

The complaints to police have been anonymous, and Brown says she was surprised to learn there was any concern, as she and her boyfriend have had similar displays up every year.

“Nobody has ever come, knocked on the door,” she said. “Nobody left a note saying they’re not happy with it.”

Despite the outcry from some, Chesebrough says the display is staying.

“This is Halloween. It’s just meant to be scary,” he said. “I don’t mean to offend anybody. I’m having fun.”

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